Husqvarna Debuts Its Smallest Demolition Robot, the DXR 95

Husqvarna has rolled out its smallest, lightest remote-control demolition robot, the DXR 95, designed for indoor work in confined conditions.

Despite its compact size, the robot packs a strong punch, the company says, with its 13-horsepower engine and 3,626 pounds per square inch of pressure at the end of the arm tool. (To see it in action, check out the video at the end of this story.)

It weighs 1,299 pounds and can be transported in a van. It can fit through narrow passages, thanks to its 36.3-inch width. It can traverse inclines as steep as 30 degrees, and it has a reach of about 10 feet with breaker.

The company says it is ideal for everything from chimney removal to underground rock breaking, as well as “fragile, steep or unstable environments where there’s a risk of collapse, falling debris, heavy vibrations or dust.” It comes with a range of attachments, including a concrete crusher, two hydraulic breakers, a series of buckets, a grapple and a drum cutter.

Husqvarna DXR 95 demolition robot inside vanThe DXR 95 is small enough to fit inside a van.HusqvarnaThe DXR 95 can work continuously in high temperatures without overheating, thanks to a dedicated fan for the oil cooler, the company says.

The remote control is worn with shoulder straps and is designed to be easy to use, Husqvarna says. It is battery-powered and can hold a second battery to achieve 24-hour operation. It can be charged by your vehicle with its combined AC/DC charger. It can be operated up to 984 feet away from the robot.

Joysticks and knobs are ergonomic, and settings and machine status are presented on an LCD screen. Via the screen, operators can set work parameters to accommodate for conditions, such as water, grease and hydraulic functions, as well as adjust pressure and hydraulic flow to match the tool.

static shot white background Husqvarna DXR 95 demolition robotHusqvarnaThe arm is designed for heavy-duty work and features automatic greasing for the breaker and friction-welded cylinders. The lower chassis has a tough design to protect vital parts, the company says. Components have been positioned for easy service access. The oil return filter is digitally monitored to prevent clogs, according to Husqvarna. The robot also has LED lights to illuminate its work space.

Other features on the robot include a cable arm that holds the connector farther from the machine with a lamp indicating whether the machine is running, and rubber feet that have a large contact surface for stability, according to Husqvarna.

Husqvarna debuted the DXR 95 at World of Concrete 2024 and released the following video:

Quick Specs

  • Weight: 1,299 lbs., excluding tool
  • Motor: 13.1 hp
  • Forward reach: 8.6’ w/breaker
  • Vertical reach: 10.5’ w/breaker
  • Max slope angle: 30°
  • Max pressure: 3,626 psi
  • Long-range wireless control: Up to 984’
  • Dimensions: 36.3” W x 59.4” L  x 34.9” H