How Can Instagram Help Your Business?

How Can Instagram Help Your Business?

These days, it seems like most businesses have at least a minimal Facebook presence, just as a standard part of doing business. Have you ever considered expanding your social presence beyond Facebook, though? There are a number of ways to maintain a social media presence for your business, and Instagram, in particular, can be beneficial to contractors. That may sound surprising, but when you think about it, you might find that Insta’s a really good fit for the work you do.

A Picture’s Worth…

Unlike social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter which we generally think of as being text-based, Instagram is a very visual platform. Instead of just posting little blurbs about your work, on Instagram you can post pictures and short video clips to connect with followers. Since you’re a contractor, that means you have a great chance to show off your work… and that could potentially win over potential clients who are looking for someone who can get the results they’re looking for.

What sort of things can you post on Instagram to potentially draw in new customers? There are a few options:

• Side-by-side pictures to give a before and after look at past projects
• Graphics highlighting upcoming sales or new services
• Behind-the-scenes pics of your crew in action
• Short videos explaining different work that members of your crew are doing
• Finished work
• Short testimonial videos from satisfied homeowners or business owners (just be sure to get a waiver signed before you post it).

In short, you can post just about anything that showcases your work and shows off the personality of you and your crew. They say that a picture’s worth a thousand words, and Instagram lets your work speak for itself.

The Power of Social Media

Although there are a lot of contractors on social media, not all of them realize exactly how powerful social media can be. Many treat sites like Facebook or Twitter the same way that they used to treat websites… occasionally useful, but mostly something to have just because everyone else has one too. For those who take the time to learn more about social media, a whole new realm of customer interaction opens up. Even just a well-maintained Facebook profile can expand your reach significantly.

Different social media platforms have different uses when it comes to getting your business out there and interacting with your followers. When used properly, sites like Instagram can give you a big advantage over other contractors. If you’re active on Instagram you can build followers, deploy new pictures and on-the-job video instantly, interact with followers and even use your Instagram feed to distribute pics to Facebook, blogs or your company website. All you have to do is learn how to use it effectively.

Is It Worth the Time?

Unfortunately, learning how to use a new social media platform and keeping it populated with new content takes time. Some contractors believe that this is too much time, especially if it takes them or tech-savvy employees away from other tasks. If your company is already active online with other social media platforms or is looking for a way to set itself apart from the competition, though, an Instagram presence could very well help. You may even be surprised at how much of a difference a few pictures can make.

Does your business have a social media presence?

If so, which platforms do you use and how?