Hitachi’s new EX2600-7, EX5600-7 mining excavators improve fuel efficiency 8-10%

Hitachi EX2600-7 in action

Hitachi EX2600-7

Hitachi designed its new EX2600-7 and EX5600-7 mining excavators for fuel efficiency, reliability and operator comfort.

New engine and hydraulic technologies on the excavators reduce fuel consumption by 8 to 10 percent from previous dash-6 models.

Customers have a choice of Cummins (1,500 horsepower) or MTU (1,542 hp) Tier 4 Final engines. A Hitachi TFOA-KK electric motor for an electric-powered shovel is an available option in the United States, the company says. The excavators can be configured for loader shovel or backhoe attachments.

The new hydraulic system includes electric regulators on the main pump instead of being controlled by a hydraulic pilot system. Hitachi also says it reduced the mechanical workload to power the hydraulic pilot system. Hydraulic power consumption is further reduced by a boom lower circuit regeneration and a large hydraulic oil cooler and fan.

Hitachi says the excavators’ cabs have been rated best-in-class. They are pressurized to keep out dust and are designed with ergonomic controls, multi-display monitor, climate control and increased visibility.

Hitachi EX5600-7 at work

Hitachi EX5600-7

Hitachi also offers its 360-degree visions system, AerialAngle, as an option. The system’s display monitor combines images from cameras positioned around the excavator to give operators a real-time, birds-eye view. The cab also comes with a weight-adjusting, air-suspension seat; tinted, laminated windows; and retractable front and side roll screens. Hitachi also added an emergency escape chute.

To improve reliability, Hitachi positioned the excavators’ hydraulic hoses to an underslung position so they resist deflection from reduced hose load. Sensors in the main pumps alert the operator when they detect excessive contamination.

The excavators also feature cylinder stroke end control that uses angle sensors to reduce cylinder pump flow rate for smoother and slower movement, the company says. The center joint uses available hydraulic oil for lubrication and does not require grease lubrication.

Quick Specs

Category                          EX2600-7                                  EX5600-7

Engine output               1,434 net hp                                  1,434 net hp

Loader Shovel               19.6 cu. yd.                                    38 cu. yd.

Dig height                      51’ 10”                                             64’ 8”

Dump height                 33’ 2”                                              40’

Dig depth                        27’ 1”                                              28’ 11”

Weight                            566,588 lbs.                                  1,210,338  lbs.