restaurant construction

Hiring a Contractor With Knowledge of Safety Requirements for Restaurant Construction

Opening a new restaurant is an exciting experience, but there are many steps in the process and hiring an experienced contractor who is familiar with all of the safety requirements is key. Restaurant construction requires specific know-how to meet all of the building codes and inspections before opening for business. These local regulations are designed to integrate safety features and protect your employees and the general public from any issues. Without them your business can be at risk for lawsuits and workers comp liabilities. Safety requirements for restaurants consist of specific features for HVAC design, plumbing and fire prevention.



Restaurant HVAC Design

Have you ever been to a restaurant that was cold in one area and hot in another? If so, then you understand the need for a specialized contractor that knows the proper HVAC Design for restaurants. Kitchen ventilation is another important aspect that helps properly vent smoke from cooking food. Your kitchen will need to have range hoods on any stoves, ovens or fryers.



Restaurant Plumbing

Unlike residential or other types of businesses, restaurants require special plumbing for their operational needs. Commercial kitchens are required to have grease traps and interceptions to capture grease from deep fryers, floor drains and other areas to prevent sewer backups and clogged pipes.


Restaurant Fire Suppressants

Fire is not only dangerous, but can cause significant damage and result in costly downtime for your business. Wherever food preparation occurs, fire suppression systems are a required safety precaution. These not only include fire extinguishers, fire alarms and sprinklers, but also wet chemical systems to extinguish grease fires.


In the excitement to get your restaurant open early, don’t cut corners with an inexperienced contractor. Hire one that has experience with restaurant design build and restaurant fit out. Your new restaurant will be safe for employees and customers and ready for business!