HD Hyundai, Amazon Team Up for Autonomous Construction Sites

HD Hyundai and Amazon are teaming up to work on the concept of autonomous construction sites.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) will assist the construction equipment manufacturer in developing a connectivity platform for its smart construction equipment, a solution leading to a future with unmanned jobsites.

The partnership was announced by HD Hyundai XiteSolution at the Consumer Electronics Show 2024.

“With the largest cloud provider as our partner, we can accelerate innovation towards unmanned autonomous construction sites of the future,” stated Dong-wook Lee, CEO, and president of HD Hyundai XiteSolution. “This collaboration marks a major milestone in HD Hyundai’s ongoing transformation beyond manufacturing into a comprehensive solutions provider.”

As described, the intended platform will integrate next-generation construction equipment with core smart functions to enhance reliability and productivity. 

Utilizing AWS’ cloud computer, the Internet of Things technologies and services, AI, and machine learning capabilities, HD Hyundai intends to build a smart construction solution that reduces the need for human labor.

Developed together, the solution is expected to focus on boosting the reliability, efficiency, and safety of the HD Hyundai’s next-generation construction models.

Products from HD Hyundai Construction Equipment and HD Hyundai Infracore featuring AWS technology are slated to launch in 2025.

“We are excited to work with HD Hyundai and help them expand the scope of their construction equipment innovations using AWS IoT and other services,” said Yasser Alsaied, vice president of IoT, AWS.

HD Hyundai expects a productivity surge of 30-70% in construction sites and improved safety by transitioning towards unmanned operations.

Additionally, HD Hyundai will use AWS to refine X-Wise Xite, its AI-powered construction site management solution showcased at CES 2024. X-wise Xite amalgamates data from construction equipment and sites, providing insights to enhance productivity, reliability, and automation in construction processes.

The use of the AWS technology will expand into other business units of HD Hyundai, including ship-building and offshore operations.

The announcement of the collaboration with AWS was just one of the highlights of HD Hyundai’s time at CES 2024. HD Hyundai’s X-Site solution earned two 2024 CES Innovation Awards. The show also helped the company foster additional partnerships and collaborations.

In addition to its work with AWS, HD Hyundai also recently unveiled its partnership with Google Cloud to use generative AI technology across Hyundai’s core businesses. Another notable highlight was the strategic alliance forged with CNH to develop a joint research center in the United States.