Hamm HD+ Rollers Get Upgraded Easy Drive Operator Platforms

Hamm is making its Easy Drive operator’s platform standard on its 7- and 8-metric-ton HD+ tandem rollers.

Easy Drive is Hamm’s effort to standardize operator’s platforms across its tandem, pneumatic and soil compactors to reduce complexity and improve ergonomics. The system is standard on HD+ 70i and HD+ 80i rollers starting this summer.

Easy Drive consists of dashboard, joystick and multifunction armrest, and all of the machines with it have the same colors on buttons and operating elements. Operating elements are grouped by function.

The platforms also have steering wheels. Seats have mechanical rotation and adjustment for height, weight and backrest. Armrests can be adjusted for height and swiveling.

“Digital Ready”

All rollers in the HD+ series with Tier 4 Final and European Stage V engines will also come with a digital interface that is ready to connect to Hamm’s SmartDoc app for compaction control and documentation and to telematics and fleet management systems.

SmartDoc is a free app that uses Bluetooth to transmit the roller’s operating data to smartphone or tablet. It shows roller passes and GNSS positioning in real time. It can produce compaction reports in PDF format.

Starting in fall, SmartDoc will be able to bundle data from every roller on a construction site, displaying the overall compaction by the crew, Hamm says.

Contractors can get even more efficiency through the John Deere Operations Center, which can manage entire construction sites, including planning, monitoring, maintenance and analysis, the company says. The center helps with analyzing operator behavior and performing and scheduling machine maintenance and diagnostics.