Guide To Surviving A Home Remodel Project

Suppose you’d just moved in, or are packing to move out, or are just updating your place to align more closely with your wishes. In that case, a home remodeling project can cause a lot of stress and strain on your interpersonal relationships, especially if you and your partner are doing the work or trying to live on-site while the new commercial construction happens. Don’t allow your home renovation to get the best of you! Here are some tips to guide you through the home remodel process with your relationships and sanity intact.


Plan Carefully

If you’re short on time and have to sell your house and move to a new city for a fine new job, this concerns you less. But for everybody else, planning should be the lengthiest stage of the renovation process. If there is a specific date, the project must be completed by, start planning at least four months prior, and get in touch with contractors for availability and quotes as soon as possible. Doing this will prevent you from last-minute scheduling and getting gouged for rush work. If you intend to stay home during the construction work, plan carefully to ensure contractors’ traffic does not meddle with important happenings in the home. Ensure that you and other residents have access to essential things, like the toilet, during every stage of construction.


Use Professional But Affordable Contractors

Of course, you want to hire licensed, educated experts for any health and safety-concerned tasks, such as electrical installation or upgrades, plumbing, HVAC-related jobs, and pest, mold, or toxin eradication. You should also hire local professionals for time, labor, and skill-intensive projects, such as refinishing floors, painting the exterior of the house, and laying tile for flooring. Contractors can save you the physical labor of the trickiest parts of commercial construction, and owing to the number of workers and skills involved in the project. They can often get the work done much more quickly than homeowners. Work with insured and licensed contractors to ensure the work is reliable and finished on time.


Research Materials And Contractors Before Committing

Cutting corners in a commercial and residential restoration can have detrimental effects on your home’s appearance and sale value. Don’t employ your friend’s cousin and his team of unlicensed workers simply because they provide you with a cheaper quote. Look for success stories from previous employment and online reviews to discover what a developer’s reputation is. The same applies to construction material: Find materials that are valued by home remodeling professionals and online. However, be willing and flexible to consider alternatives. Certain materials can often cause delays, as they will take a while to come from their source, due to back-logged orders, customization, or demand.


Take Worker Needs Into Consideration

Besides needing parking spaces, you need to address issues such as smoke breaks, meal breaks, storage of materials, and bathroom access. Without strict rules and thorough planning, your commercial drafting design could damage your front yard; stored materials slowly accumulate and destroy your grass. Similarly, if five or more people are working on-site, providing a portable bathroom outside may be a good option to reduce the traffic in your bathrooms, wear and tear in your plumbing, and dust being carried into living spaces from construction.


Check With Your Local Zoning Board And Neighborhood Association

There’s nothing more distressing than finding out midway through construction that your neighborhood association does not allow elevated decks or that zoning laws prevent you from adding that sunroom as it will be too close to a sidewalk. Your planning stage should include consulting local authorities to guarantee your plans are permitted, or you may have to undo part of your remodel at your own expense.


To find out more about prepping your home for a major remodel project, get in touch with Tom Craig Remodeling. We can help you organize, execute, and finalize your new construction project without cramping your family’s lifestyle.