Grove Brings All-Wheel Steering to TTS9000-2 Truck Crane

Featuring all-wheel steering and a six-section boom that extends from 36 to 169 feet, Grove has introduced the TTS9000-2 truck crane.

Developed in response to customer feedback, the lightweight four-axle truck has an automated steering system to help operators navigate smaller, steeper roads and tight turns.

The crane offers three rear-steer modes: coordinated, crab and manual steer, in addition to standard highway mode. While similar models require the operator to manually adjust the rear wheels, each of the all-wheel steering modes on the TTS9000-2 can be activated with the click of a button on the righthand console. 

JJ Grace, Grove’s product manager for truck-mounted cranes, said, “During development, we worked closely with a customer who services wineries and utilities in Northern California. He routinely has to overcome some very steep inclines in addition to extremely tight switchbacks, which were nearly impossible with his front-steer truck crane. When he put the TTS9000-2 into rear-steer mode, it glided up gravel roads with grades over 19%. On another winding road, where he’d previously needed to perform a six-point turn, he was now able to make the bend without having to back up.”

The 115-ton-capacity truck crane also features a removable counterweight for easier driving.

The boom’s twin-lock pinning system eliminates weight from inside the extended boom and automatically locks the sections together.

The rear outrigger box is now 5 inches higher to improve the departure angle to 18 degrees, while the front outrigger jacks have been mounted 3.5 inches higher to increase ground clearance. Additionally, the outrigger pad size has been increased from 20 to 24 inches for greater stability.

Quick specs

  • Max Capacity: 115 tons
  • Gross Vehicle Weight: 97,000 pounds
  • Main Boom Length: 36-169 feet
  • Max Tip Height: 263.4 feet
  • 20-degree hydraulically tilting cab
  • Crane Control System (CCS)
  • Hydraulic counterweight removal system