GOMACO Xtreme GT-3600 curb-and-gutter machine dials in tight radius capabilities

Designed for tight radius curb-and-gutter jobs, the GOMACO Xtreme package adds G+ radius software with slew drives, smart-sensored hydraulics and intelligence to the company’s GT-3600 curb-and-gutter machine.

“Our contractors are finding that this gives them tight radius capabilities and mobility in jobs such as parking lot islands,” says Randy Bach, advertising manager, GOMACO.

All three Xtreme GT-3600 tracks have rotary-sensored slew drives, sensored All-Track Steering, All-Track Positioning and smart hydraulic cylinders, which allow the tracks to rotate further than previously. In addition, the smart cylinders give the G+ control system the exact position of all tracks, allowing it to make steering adjustments as needed.

The Xtreme GT-3600 also uses the company’s Xtreme Radius program for tight radii on stringline. Using the G+ radius software included in the Xtreme package, the operator can program the size of the desired radius into the controller. G+ then calibrates and manages all aspects of traveling around the radius, including track angles and individual variable track speeds. In addition, the G+ control system interfaces with all major 3D guidance systems.

The machine’s smart hydraulic cylinders are used when telescoping and side shifting the mold mounting system, allowing repeatable mold offsets. To work around obstacles, the trimmerhead and mold can also be raised and lowered independently.

GOMACO Remote Diagnostics, which provides troubleshooting, diagnostic reviews and software updates, can also be added to the Xtreme GT-3600.

The video below shows the machine’s tight turning radius: