Frequently Asked Questions About Fall Protection Gear

Fall protection violations are too common in the construction industry and is at the top of the list of OSHA violations. They require fall protection for anything above six feet high, so having the right equipment while working on a high rise is even more important. Many workers aren’t familiar with all of the proper safety gear and steps that can be taken to ensure no one gets hurt, but supervisors and employers should inform their employees and provide the proper equipment.


What Are Drop Tool Kits?

The ideal way to make sure every workers’ tools and objects are safeguarded is to buy a drop object kit. Drop Tool Prevention Kits are complete and include:


  • Hoist Buckets
  • Drop Tool Lanyards
  • Tool Tethers
  • Belt Anchors
  • Tether Loops
  • Tether Tape
  • Coiled Tool Lanyards
  • Helmet Lanyards
  • Phone Cases


What Kind of Harness Do I Need?

Harnesses are great for fall protection, but their use depends upon the type of work performed and the environment it is used in. A roofer on a one-story house will use a different type of harness than a worker on a high rise building. There are specialty harnesses for towers, utilities, oil and gas, electrical work and even wind energy. In general, they are adjustable, light in weight with connections and built-in seats. Harnesses with 5 points of adjustment have two leg buckles, two vertical straps and a chest strap. Contractors should have harnesses in every size from XS all the way to XXL to ensure all workers have one that fits.


What Type of Lanyard Should I Use?

One of the key components of Drop object Prevention is lanyards. These important connectors should be a part of all Drop Tool Kits. For anyone working above seventeen feet, an energy absorbing lanyard or self-retracting lanyard is recommended. Drop Tool lanyards are available in cable or web with a wide range of lengths. Web lanyards are best for indoor use, while cables provide superior durability in harsh environments.


Now that you have learned more about fall protection gear, pick up some Drop Tool Kits for your workers. Employers usually purchase safety equipment after they are fined by OSHA or when an accident happens. Don’t wait for something bad to happen that can shut down your operations, buy fall protection products. Companies providing Drop Tool Prevention Kits ensure that tools will stay tethered in place and minimize any possibility of death or injury from a dropped tool. Also, before any work begins safety should always be first. Check to see if everyone has the appropriate fall prevention gear, put up warning signs, establish barriers and use toe boards and debris nets to help stop falling objects as well.