FleetLocate to display fleet management solutions in ConExpo 2020 Bronze Lot

FleetLocate by Spireon, located at booth B-92218 in the ConExpo Bronze Lot, is designed to be a user-friendly, yet effective fleet management solution to help construction companies get the most out of employees, vehicles, equipment, and trailers. 

(You can see what equipment OEMs have in store for ConExpo 2020 in our show preview page by clicking here.)

From simple GPS vehicle tracking to comprehensive asset management to affordable ELD compliance, FleetLocate’s data drives fleet intelligence, productivity and profitability, says Spireon.

Specializing in mixed fleets, FleetLocate supports light duty vehicles, heavy duty trucks, trailers and construction equipment. 

FleetLocate’s OEM integration means construction companies can manage their fleets using the onboard telematics technology supplied by General Motors and Ford.