Fecon opens up its dealer portal to end-use customers


Fecon is now allowing end-use customers access to the web portal called FeconConnect, which previously could be accessed only by its dealers.

That means customers registering their products with Fecon can get the same technical documentation that previously was exclusive to authorized dealers. The new approach is in response to market demand, Fecon says.

“Customers increasingly want access to a self-service platform that empowers them to be more informed about their products,” says Kevin McCann, vice president of product support.

One big advantage comes when a customer contacts their dealer’s parts department to order spare parts. Having the correct parts information speeds up the fulfillment process and benefits both the customer and dealer, McCann says.

The process is simple:

  • Fecon attaches a sticker with a QR code to every machine they sell. A customer can scan the QR code with their mobile device or type in the web address from a computer.
  • After being routed to a web page where they can register their product, a customer service representative will email a username and password to the customer, allowing access to FeconConnect.
  • Once inside, customers need only enter their serial number into the search bar and the documentation for their specific machine will be shown.

The goal, says McCann, “is to create an effortless experience for our customers.”

Fecon Inc. manufactures Bullhog forestry mower, purpose built tractors and also attachments that service industries such as construction, vegetation management, oil and gas.