Fecon Launches New Line of Bull Hog Mulchers for Tractors

Fecon has unveiled a new line of mulchers that bring the power and performance of a traditional drum mulcher to the PTO platform, the company says. 

Created for tractors with 45-110 horsepower, the PTO Bull Hog mulchers can attach to any tractor with a three-point hitch.

The mulchers came in three working widths:

  • The RK6013P has a 60-inch-wide cut with a 13-inch-diameter rotor and can be run on 45- to 70-horsepower tractors.
  • The RK6015P also has a 60-inch width but with a larger 15-inch-diameter rotor. It attaches to 50- to 90-horsepower tractors.
  • The RK7316P has a 73-inch cutting width with a 16-inch-diameter rotor and runs on tractors with 80-110 horsepower.

“We’re mindful of our full range of customers when we introduce a product to the market,” said Jeff Stanley, Fecon’s senior vice president of product development. “The new PTO Bull Hog Mulchers give landowners the power to take land clearing, mulching, and land maintenance into their own hands without having to buy additional equipment or hire a contractor.”

A distinctive feature of the new PTO Bull Hog mulchers is the split ring rotor system, which strikes a balance between Fecon’s FGT and depth control rotor technologies. 

With no depth control, the FGT rotor offers a more aggressive bite at a higher horsepower whereas the DCR features rings spanning the full diameter of its rotor that limit its bite to produce a more consistent chip size and use less horsepower from the carrier. 

The split-ring system has a depth control ring that only partially goes around the rotor to offer controlled cutting and consistent chip size with a lower weight and easy-to-maneuver attachment.

Also, cubit knife tools efficiently cut through brush and trees to keep the rotor speed up and draw less horsepower.

Additional features of the PTO Bull Hog mulchers include a hydraulic trap door, replaceable, adjustable, and reversible shear bars, a multi-position push bar with serrated ears, a reinforced PTO shaft, and adjustable bolt-on skid shoes.

“It’s no secret that people are struggling to get machinery,” Stanley said, noting that the PTO Bull Hog mulchers offer a solution in the form of an adaptable, mulching extension to existing equipment that is less impacted by supply chain issues than other equipment.

Quick Specs


  • Working width: 60 inches
  • Overall width: 70 inches
  • Weight: 1,475 lbs.
  • Max horsepower: 70 hp
  • Number of tools: 26
  • Rotor diameter: 13 inches

Fecon PTO Bull Hog mulcher RK6013PThe RK6013P has a 60-inch rotor size from a 13-inch rotor and can be run on any 45-70-horsepower tractor.FeconRK6015P

  • Working width: 60 inches
  • Overall width: 71 inches
  • Weight: 1,918 lbs.
  • Max horsepower: 90 hp
  • Number of tools: 26
  • Rotor diameter: 15 inches

Fecon PTI Bull Hog mulcher RK6015PThe RK6015P has a 60-inch rotor width with a 15-inch rotor and attaches to 50-90-horsepower tractors.FeconRK7316P

  • Working width: 73 inches
  • Overall width: 85 inches
  • Weight: 2,681 lbs.
  • Max horsepower: 110 hp
  • Number of tools: 32
  • Rotor diameter: 16 inches

Fecon PTO Bull Hog mulcher RK7316PThe RK7316P, has an increased rotor size of 73 inches using a 16-inch rotor and runs on larger tractors with 80-110 horsepower.Fecon