Fecon BHP270 Power Pack boosts hydraulic flow for large excavators (VIDEO)

Fecon’s BHP270 Power Pack

When your excavator needs a boost in hydraulic power, Fecon recommends its new BHP270 Power Pack.

Designed for excavators weighing 20 tons or more, the power pack can deliver up to 109 gallons per minute of flow to an attachment. (The hydraulic systems on a 20- to 30-ton excavator typically provide 45 to 60 gpm to an attachment, Fecon says.)

The Rexroth 145cc hydraulic pump also produces 5,800 pounds per square inch of pressure.

The additional flow comes in handy when running high-powered attachments, without draining hydraulic flow from the excavator, the company says.

The company had its Bull Hog mulching head attachment in mind for use with the power pack. The BHP270’s Power Management microcontroller channels send all of its power to the attachment, which also improves engine response and recovery and sustained peak grinding power, Fecon says.

To see the mulching head take out some trees with 12- to 15-inch diameters with the power pack, check out this video:

The BHP270 is Tier 4 Final compliant and delivers a flatter torque curve for constant 270-horsepower output from 2,000 to 2,400 rpm, according to Fecon. At Duty Cycle, the power pack uses only 7.7 gallons per hour of fuel.

The power pack has a 91.5-gallon fuel tank. Aftertreatment components were placed inside a dome to keep their heat away from the engine bay. The engine compartment also has a new firewall that keeps engine airflow separate from the hydraulic components, which are all on the left side of the firewall. Engine airflow intake and exhaust are all on the right side.

Other features include keyless start, a brighter and easier-to-read display, and a light alert when tilt-angle limits are exceeded. A stiffening cross tube has been added to reduce vibration.