FAE Unveils New Flail Mulchers for Mini Excavators

FAE is leaving behind its PML/HY and PMM/HY lines of flail mulchers with the introduction of its all-new PML/EX flail mulcher for 2- to 7.5-ton excavators. The new model also replaces the previous version of the PML/EX.

The light and compact attachment can mulch vegetation, shrubs and trees up to 2 inches in diameter. FAE says it is ideal for maintaining wildlife habitats, commercial parks and sports grounds.

The mulching head is designed for productivity, durability, and ease of use. It features a direct drive motor that is compatible with excavators that do not have a drainage line. This “plug-and-play” design makes it easier to install and reduces maintenance, FAE says.

With a flow regulator valve built into the motor and a thumb bracket integrated into the frame, the head maintains a clean profile and smaller machine body for better maneuverability.

The new PML/EX can be equipped with PML hammers or Y-flails. It is available in 75-, 100-, 125-, or 150-inch operating widths.