FAE Intros RPL/HY Cold Planer Attachment for Compact Excavators (Video)

FAE has launched a new fixed-tooth cold planer attachment for compact excavators.

The RPL/HY is compatible with excavators weighing 5 to 8 metric tons. Its rotor teeth scrape and cut asphalt or concrete roads to prepare them for resurfacing and for recycling the millings. It can also be used for excavation operations.

“As an excavator attachment, the RPL/HY is ideal for use where maneuverability, flexibility and precision are needed, such as in narrow corners, on sidewalks and in service channels,” the company says.

It can mill from 0 to 4.5 inches down and has a cutting width of 12 inches. The working depth is adjusted manually. The planer has a “wide-stroke self-leveling system” to maintain proper head alignment during operation, FAE says.

The attachment requires a hydraulic flow rate of 13 to 24 gallons per minute and pressures of 2,600 to 5,080 psi.

lineup of FAE cold planer attachments black backgroundFAEThe cold planer comes with teeth designed for milling asphalt surfaces (R/44/A). Teeth for milling concrete (R/44/C) are also available. The attachment weighs 882 pounds.

Standard equipment for the planer includes:

  • Direct-drive motor transmission.
  • Flow Control valve with integrated relief and anti-cavitation valves.
  • 470 cc hydraulic piston motor.
  • Fittings for hydraulic connections.
  • Enclosed, dust-resistant machine body.

A customized attachment bracket kit with customized pins is an available option.

To watch the RPL/HY in action, check out the FAE video below: