Evolution Wheel Intros Airless Skid Steer Tire for Hard Surfaces, the EWRS-HS

Evolution Wheel has introduced a hard-surface version of its airless skid steer tire, saying the new EWRS-HS is ideal for any situation where you’re on concrete or asphalt all the time burning through tires.

Engineered for jobs requiring excellent traction and longevity, the company redesigned the tread pattern to maximize surface area.

“For this product, we really wanted to design it for severe-duty,” says CEO Derek Hird. “To do that, we went from 32 percent surface area in contact with the ground with our all-terrain version to 66 percent surface area in contact with the ground with this. What that does is it lowers the ground pressure on the concrete and disperses that load over four big blocky segments.”

Additionally, the company says the EWRS–HS series has the deepest tread on the market, measuring at 52/32-inches. These features allow the tire to last three to five times the lifespan of a traditional pneumatic tire.

“You’re going to see 30 to 40 percent longer wear life than our all-terrain version,” Hird adds. “And we still use our same segmented solid design so you can fix it if necessary.”

The segmented design of the tire enables the operator to service it right on the job site with a ¾-inch wrench. A damaged segment can be replaced within minutes.

While solid tires have a reputation for being rough on machines and the operator, Evolution Wheel says the specialized core geometry of the EWRS-HS allows them to compress like a pneumatic tire without the bounce for a smooth ride.