Everything you Wanted to Know About Track Saws (But Never Thought to Ask)

Everything you Wanted to Know About Track Saws

At first glance, a track saw may appear similar to a circular saw. This cutting tool isn’t exactly the same thing, though; it has a base that fits directly into a channel, allowing it to make very precise cuts to wood and other materials. When clean, sharp cuts are the goal, the track saw is the right tool for a project.

How a Track Saw Can Help you in Your Business

Quick and Easy to Use
Once the track saw is set up on a mold or extrusion that gives you straight-line movement along the track, you’ll find that this saw is fast and easy to use. It’s portable, making it an excellent choice for your shop or taking to the job site.

Space-Saving Option
When you need to cut down plywood or other sheets of materials, you’ll need to allow for quite a bit of space to run it across your table saw. Consider that you need about two feet just to stand in, the width of the table saw itself, eight feet or so to run the material through to cut it and then 10 feet on the other side after it’s been cut. If you don’t have 20-plus running feet available, a track saw and edge clamps offer an alternative that takes up much less space.

Gives Accurate Cuts
Since the saw is captive on the track, there is no possibility of moving off from the guide or leaving burn marks from placing too much side pressure when making a long cut. Most track saws available on the market are outfitted with a handy line-of-cut indicator. This feature will let you know exactly where the saw blade will cut.

Makes Tapered Cuts
In a situation where the job calls for making tapered cuts, you may be wondering whether a track saw can help you out. This tool is an excellent choice for this application. All you need to do to get the type of cut you need is to mark out the tapered line you need and place the track on it to make the cut.

It’s a very simple procedure since you would simply need to follow the line of cut indicator in the same way that you normally would. You don’t have to get bogged down in trying to figure out offset measurements and angles; with a track saw, the process is more efficient, saving you time and money in the process.

Works Well with Odd and Irregular Surfaces
Do you ever work on projects with reclaimed wood or materials with a rough surface? Keeping your saw blade moving across a straight line isn’t a problem when you choose a track saw for your cuts. This type of saw has the advantage of being able to glide over low spots on your workpiece with ease.

Track Saw System is Expandable
As your budget increases over time, you will be able to increase the track saw system’s length. This is a system that will grow with you and your business, so you won’t be stuck with something that won’t suit your needs over time. You can start off working on smaller projects and as you gain confidence with the track saw, slowly add in larger ones.

Do you see advantages for using a track saw for your business? Do you think you would buy one for the projects you work on?