Everything You Need to Know About Granite Pavers

For those looking for a solid material to use for their hardscaping projects, none is a more likely candidate than granite pavers. This extremely durable is used for paving just as much as it’s used for décor, theme, and style.


It is a natural paver as it is quarried in nature and made from three components: quartz, feldspar, and mica. These materials are magma or lava after it has cooled and hardened. Since granite paving is made from a natural stone, it is quite durable and weathers any extreme condition really well.


Granite has been an essential part of many structures in ancient civilizations from the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians. It made up many old monument and statues that endured the test of time, and its unique part of history is a testament that this natural stone is the perfect candidate for your outdoor projects.

Types of Granite

Apart from remarkable durability, this is also a sought-after material due to its timeless natural beauty. Granite pavers come in black, white, yellow, pink, gray, crimson, mauve, and other different hues. You can also choose from a wide range of finishes to suit your specific needs – polished, thermal, honed, diamond 8 and 10.


There are lots of exciting patterns and shapes to choose from, including, fan, basket weave, herringbone, concourse and half-course square, running bond, cobble-lock and others. Using the different paver shapes, like diamond, circle, marquise, and geometric, it is possible to create other different patterns for optimum aesthetic appeal.


Many Uses of Granite Pavers

Ultimately, this beautiful array of patterns, shapes and colours allows for a lot of customisation and is a testament of its versatile. There are many uses for granite pavers for anything both inside and outside the house. It can be used for driveways and walkways to pool decks and patios. Perfect to improve the curb appeal of any property making it stand out from the crowd for its beauty and uniqueness.