Eterra Intros Vortex Stump Grinder for Mini Skid Steers (Video)

Eterra is bringing its Vortex Stump Grinder to compact utility loaders, also known as mini skid steers.

The attachment for the stand-on machines can be used in tight, hard-to-access areas. Eterra says compact utility loaders also have the advantage of doing less damage to turf.

The company says it worked to give the mini skid steer version similar stump grinding power to its attachment for skid steers and compact track loaders, which it launched in 2019. Those grinders run on 30 to 45 gallons per minute of hydraulic flow.

The mini grinders have flow rates of up to 20 gallons per minute, which Eterra says is the highest on the market for mini skid steer stump grinders. It can run on flows as low as 12 gallons per minute. Wheel speed ranges from 350 to 600 rpm.

The drive system features an oil bath enclosed hub, meaning there is nothing to grease, which reduces maintenance.

The nine teeth feature guards to protect them from rocks. They are three-sided so they can be rotated for extra life. Eterra offers three different kinds of teeth designed for various soil conditions: rocky, sand and clay, or standard. 

Other features on the Vortex include a 20-inch-diameter, half-inch-thick wheel made of high-strength allow steel; a clear view of the wheel and engagement point; minimal chip spray; radial piston motor; grade-50 steel housing, chip deflector and motor guard. The chip deflector sends debris down and away from the operator.

The attachment can run on most any skid steer and has a bolt-on mount. Different hose lengths are available to fit a variety of CULs.

To see the stump grinder in action, check out this video from Eterra: