Engcon updates DC2 tiltrotator control app for remote diagnostics

Engcon DC2 app tiltrotators

Engcon has updated the digging control app for its tiltrotators to enable service techs to better troubleshoot issues via smartphone.

The DC2 control system fits all excavator brands on the market, and along with controlling Engcon’s tiltrotators, it can control the excavator’s belt and wheels, boom swing or variable boom function, the company says. The app enables remote access to the control system via Bluetooth and has been updated to be more intuitive to use. The app is compatible with the latest versions of Android and the latest smartphone models, Engcon says.

On installation, all control systems need to be calibrated. Previously, this was handled by an on-site service technician. Now, it can be done remotely by connecting the operator’s smartphone with support staff. Engcon says its support service can quickly locate the fault and, if necessary, send out a service technician with the right parts.