Engcon to replace S-type hitches with Q-Safe models that prevent bucket drop

Engcon’s QS50 quick hitch

Engcon is going full-in with its Q-Safe quick hitches, announcing it will no longer manufacture most of its older S-type hitches.

The company will no longer make S-type hitches in sizes S45 through S80, which Engcon has manufactured since the 1980s. The company also soon plans to replace the S40 with the QS40.

Engcon says the switch to its Q-Safe hitch and locking system is due to its “constant efforts to make excavation safer and more efficient.” The system is designed to eliminate bucket drop.

“This is part of our safety initiative and zero-tolerance for swinging or dropped buckets,” says Engcon founder Stig Engström. “Q-Safe is one of the safest hitches in the world, and using it to replace the old, much less safe S-type hitches is a natural step for us.”

The Q-Safe hitches automatically connect with an excavator’s hydraulics, central lubrication and electrical power, so the operator doesn’t have to leave the cab when connecting or disconnecting an attachment with the device. It can also be used with a tiltrotator.

The company says the system eliminates incorrect connections; the excavator operator won’t be allowed to operate the bucket if it is connected improperly. That prevents the bucket from becoming disconnected and causing injury or death.

The system also requires that the bucket be resting on the ground before it can be attached or detached, which further reduces the chance for harm. It sounds an alarm when connecting and disconnecting an attachment to alert nearby workers.

The Q-Safe hitches are compatible with tools for the older S45-S80 hitches.

To watch a video on how the Q-Safe system works, see below: