Engcon to introduce GRD70 grab cassette for its largest tiltrotator

Engcon GRD70 Grab Cassette

Engcon’s new GRD70 Grab Cassette, left, attaches to the company’s EC233 tiltrotator, right, equipped with Q-Safe 70 quick hitch.

Engcon continues to expand its lineup of modular excavator attachments designed for quick, easy connection and disconnection to its tiltrotators.

The next release is its GRD70 grab cassette, designed for the company’s largest tiltrotator, the new EC233. The EC233 is designed for excavators of 26 to 36 tons.

The cassette can be attached and removed in less than a minute with a simple hand maneuver, the company says, and it requires no bolting or manual connection of hydraulic hoses. The operator can attach the Cassette to the tiltrotator from the cab and then tighten the connection with a turn of a wrench.

The GRD70 has a gripping force of 4,925 pounds at pressure of 3,045 pounds per square inch. It has a grab width of .48 inches to 3 feet 1.8 inches. It pairs with the company’s Q-Safe 70 quick hitch, which allows attachment connection and disconnection from the cab.

The EC233 with the GRD70 grab cassette will be available in the United States and Canada in July, the company says.