Dynapac’s New D17C Paver Handles Parking Lots, County Roads

Dynapac released the new D17C commercial-class asphalt paver at ConExpo for paving such things as medium to large parking lots and county roads.

It replaces the FC1700C. The D17C has a paving width of 8 to 15.5 feet. It can be extended an additional 2.5 feet with optional bolt-on extensions.

The 4,500-pound Dynapac VF0816 screed comes standard. The company says it is the heaviest screed in its class and improves paving quality. With the screed, total operating weight is 9.75 tons.

view of Dynapac D17C paver screed at ConExpoThe 4,500-pound Dynapac VF0816 screed is the heaviest in its class, the company says.Equipment WorldThe paver runs on a 120-horsepower Cummins Tier 4 Final engine. It can travel 3 mph and pave at a rate of 140 feet per minute.

Another improvement is a 16-kilowatt-hour generator driven by the paver’s engine with what Dynapac says is a “fail-safe heat management system for increased efficiency and reliability.” The system automatically controls heat to the screed for uninterrupted paving, the company says.

The redesigned proportional auger conveyor system improves control of material flow to the screed. Dynapac added a Quad Auger system that it says delivers “high-quality paving results and increased jobsite confidence by eliminating the manual work needed while paving wider widths.”

Dynapac also increased operator comfort and simplified controls. Two joysticks govern movement. When traveling the joysticks move together, but for tighter turning both joysticks can be simultaneously pointed in different directions.

The dual-slat conveyor is 22 inches wide.

control station Dynapac D17C asphalt paverEquipment WorldStandard equipment on the D17C includes:

  • LED work lights
  • Backup alarm and rotating beacon
  • Reversible auger and conveyor
  • Rebuildable, wear-resistant conveyor floor plates
  • Segmented high-wear augers
  • Hydraulic tow point
  • Wash-down spray system
  • Dual operator console with conventional electrics
  • Screed extension power slope control
  • Heated end gate

Optional features include a levelling system, averaging ski beam, cut-off plates, screed extension, truck hitch and umbrella.