DPL offers “affordable, quick installing” construction equipment telematics on month-to-month contract

DPL Telematics' AssetCommand Max installed on a machine

The AssetCommand Max installed on a machine.

DPL Telematics’ new AssetCommand Max Tracking System allows users to remotely monitor their assets using a tracking device, software package and mobile app.

“The market has been seeking an affordable, quick installing telematics solution that goes a step beyond just the minimum of runtime, mileage and location,” says Tony Nicoletti, vice president of business development at DPL Telematics. The AssetCommand Max features “extend past the basics of entry-level telematics,” he says.

The company says the system is a solution for wireless monitoring and remote tracking of off-road equipment and trucks. The device tracks runtime, trips, geofences, curfews, tilt/rollover episodes and service schedules, plus allows users to remotely disable their assets. No long-term contract is required; users can deactivate and reactivate the service at any time.

The system reports usage metrics such as runtime, odometer, movement, ignition status, speed and battery health. The platform also includes a service module for scheduling by runtime, odometer or calendar and notifies users when thresholds are reached.

A starter disable function allows owners to immobilize the asset on demand from anywhere with an internet connection.  The device also has both internal antenna and backup battery, which makes it easier to hide and also sends an alert if primary power is lost.

To address potential safety hazards, asset theft and machine abuse, a tilt/rollover sensor allows owners to specify a tilt angle and receive real-time alerts if the asset reaches the specified tilt angle or rolls over.

Other features include:

  • IP 67 rated and UV stabilized design: Waterproof for deployment in harsh environments.
  • Little to no required sky view:  May be hidden inside or under certain assets.
  • Wireless, two-way communication: Activate recovery mode or set movement alerts over the air from the software or mobile app.