Doosan DA30-5: Articulated Dump Truck with the Highest Retained Value for 2022

EquipmentWatch has named Doosan’s DA30-5 as the articulated dump truck with the highest retained value for 2022.

With a five-year retained value of 76%, the DA30-5 was 18 percentage points higher than the overall average for the category.

For the EquipmentWatch awards, the retained value is a prediction for the value of a piece of equipment five years from now. Analysis was limited to models still sold in 2022 to ensure these results can be applied to buying decisions today.

Retained values are often related to the concept of depreciation, which is a measure of how far a piece of equipment’s value decreases over time. Retained values are an important factor in equipment purchase or lease decisions, as some new equipment holds its value better than others over time. This could mean more money in your pocket when it comes time to trade it in.

DA30-5 Articulated Dump Truck 

The DA30-5 features a front-mounted turning ring, sloping rear frame and free-swinging rear tandem bogie. This provides better weight distribution to ensure permanent six-wheel contact with the ground, Doosan says.

A standard active payload meter protects against overloading. It uses traffic light indicators to alert operators when the machine has reached the optimum payload.

The hydro-gas, self-leveling front suspension brings greater driving comfort and smoothness, especially when the bed is empty. Operators can change suspension characteristics by adjusting the pressure.

Inside the cab, comfort features include fully automatic climate control, air suspension seat, good visibility, ergonomic controls, automotive-like soft-touch dashboard, and precise steering and low noise levels.

Easy to transport and service, the DA30-5 is less than 10 feet wide and features ground-level fuel and diesel exhaust fluid fill, a more accessible power module and a centralized maintenance panel. Common oil is used in the wheel hubs, tandem rear bogie and limited slip differential, and grease distribution is improved to reduce grease requirements.

The DA30-5 includes DoosanConnect telematics. The system monitors the machine’s productivity, location and overall health via free cellular service available for the life of the truck.

Quick Specs:

  • Engine: Scania DC9
  • Rated Horsepower: 362 horsepower at 2,100 rpm
  • Operating Weight (Unloaded): 51,588 pounds
  • Rated Payload: 61,729 pounds
  • Max. Travel Speed Forward: 34.2 mph
  • Max. Travel Speed Reverse: 9.9 mph
  • Body Volume (Struck without Tailgate): 17.8 cubic yards