Do You Work Nights and Weekends?

Do You Work Nights and Weekends?

How do you set your business hours? Your first instinct might be to just work during the day, each Monday through Friday. However, there are some benefits to having more flexible hours. Having availability on evenings and weekends can be a big bonus for your customers. Let’s consider some of the pros and cons of off-peak hours.

Why Work Weekends?

The most obvious reason to work evenings and weekends is to make more money. Not only can you pick up some extra jobs, but you can also charge more for your time if you work in the off hours. A customer who works a regular nine-to-five job will be relieved not to have to take any time off from work, and they may still be saving money while paying you extra. In cases where a customer needs an emergency repair, you may be saving them thousands of dollars in water damage by fixing a leaky pipe or roof quickly. They won’t mind paying more for a timely repair if it will save them from extra damage and costs in the long run.

Since many contractors only work regular hours Monday through Friday, you can also put yourself ahead of the competition by having greater availability. Your customers will remember that you were willing to come out at an off-peak time, and will probably pass on their appreciation to their friends and family who may also need some work done.

Holidays Can Mean Extra Income

If you’re willing to be available for big holidays like Christmas, the competition fades away to almost zero. If you personally don’t celebrate the holiday, it becomes an extra day to work at premium rates. If you do celebrate, you might be able to set some particular hours to accept work, but still leave time to have dinner with your family.

Any customer who needs emergency work done on a holiday is sure to be extremely grateful for your service. Be sure to ask for good reviews!

Weekend Work is not without Downsides

Although the financial rewards for working non-standard hours can be tempting, there are some downsides to consider. You’ll probably miss some time with family and friends. You might also struggle to make it to special events that only take place on weekends. Contractors who attend religious services, for example, might have to take the service times into consideration when planning their schedule.

Working outside of the typical hours can also lead to exhaustion, especially for anyone who does late-night work. Keeping irregular hours can take a toll on your body. Lack of sleep and lack of sunlight can lead to depression and irritability.

Don’t Forget to Schedule Time Off

Whatever you decide about weekend work, make sure you book some time for yourself when you aren’t working. You’ll perform at your best if you give your body and mind a chance to rest and recover on a regular basis.

Think of it as scheduling another job: the job of taking care of your own health. Having regularly scheduled time to rest will help you have fewer sick days and accidents on the job. You matter just as much as your customers!

Do you ever take jobs on weekends or on holidays? How do you manage your work/life balance?