Deere updates 944K Hybrid loader with new engine, more

A new Tier 4 Final engine headlines a list of upgrades Deere has made to its 944K hybrid wheel loader.

The machine’s new Deere PSS 13.5-liter engine provides 536 horsepower, the same power as the Tier 4 Interval engine it replaces. The loader is powered by the engine along with AC generators and motors. In this hybrid drive system, the engine turns twin generators that convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. Motors on each wheel then convert that electrical energy back to mechanical energy to move the wheels.

Because of the new engine, Deere says the already efficient loader has lowered fuel consumption by between 9 and 14 percent compared to its Tier 4 Interim-powered predecessor.

Deere has used this engine refresh as an opportunity to add a few more upgrades to the 944K:

  • Improved coast control performance: A standard feature that allows the operator to adjust the aggressiveness of the machine during deceleration with three different settings, Deere says the improved coast control on the 944K delivers a 33 percent increase in deceleration performance and an overall extension to service brake life.
  • Heated and ventilated cab seat and
  • Lower noise levels inside the cab
  • Addition of remote jump-start terminals in a closed and locked engine compartment. These terminals allow for quicker jump-starting and can be used with a trickle charger in cold weather. They are color-coded and insulated .
  • Addition of a bolted-shut engine fan door that reduces possibility of opening during operation
  • Consolidated engine stop switch and 24-volt electrical disconnect switches for easier access
  • Relocation of engine block heater plug-in for easier access in cold climates

Through July 31, 2019, Deere is providing a 96-month/20,000-hour warranty (whichever comes first) on existing and new 944Ks with nonprorated assurance on the wheel motors, generators, power inverters and brake retarders.