Deere updates 310L EP backhoe, 210L/EP tractor loaders with performance boosts, new engines

Deere 310L EP

John Deere has switched to Yanmar engines in two of its under 75-horsepower EP-model machines, while making hydraulic improvements to improve performance.

Launched in 2015 with a 70-horsepower Deere PowerTech E, the updated 310L EP backhoe is now powered by a 69-horsepower Yanmar 3.3L Tier 4 Interim engine. The engine meets Tier 4 emissions without the need for aftertreatment because it is under 75 hp.

The backhoe has also received a new variable displacement hydraulic pump. The new pump increases hydraulic flow and improves power management by modulating flow as engine load increases. The result is a more balanced split in power between the hydraulics and transmission, Deere says.

210L EP

The 210L EP tractor loader, also launched in 2015 with the 70-hp PowerTech E under the hood, has had that engine swapped out for the 3.3L Yanmar as well. The engine change is accompanied by improvements to the machine’s loader performance.

As for why Deere switched from a Deere PowerTech E to the less expensive Yanmar, the company tells Equipment World the switch was necessary to maintain the lower cost of these EP machines.

“The Yanmar 3.3L engine was selected as the best solution in order to continue offering a backhoe and tractor loader configuration with no aftertreatment components; supporting customers that prefer the simpler technology, reduced maintenance requirements, and lower acquisition price,” the company said in a statement.

Deere says loader lift times on the 210L EP are 26 percent faster thanks to increased hydraulic pump flow and larger diameter hoses and tubes. Lift capacity has increased 18 percent due to the changes from 5,342 pounds to 6,340 pounds.

These loader improvements also apply to the 210L EP’s sibling machine, the 210L, though that machine is still powered by a 4.5L 93-horsepower, Tier 4 Final Deere PowerTech Plus engine.