Deere Unveils New Lower-Cost Mid-Size Excavator, the 200 G-Tier

John Deere has unveiled the latest addition to its lineup of mid-size excavators, the 200 G-Tier.

The G-Tier designation represents the company’s economy models in its naming strategy that debuted in 2021. Signifying their performance and technology tier, models are designated as a G, P, or X. P-Tier includes advanced features, and the X-Tier denotes the company’s hybrid diesel-electric technology and most advanced features.

The 200 G-Tier is touted as an affordable alternative to similar mid-size excavators in its class. It is designed for small contractors and rental companies, according to John Deere.

The 22.5-ton excavator runs on a 145-horsepower PowerTech 4.5-liter engine. The machine’s dig forces and lift capacities enable it to handle a variety of applications, such as stockpiling overburden, basement excavation, loading trucks, placing pipe.

The company says the easy-to-maintain exhaust filters help decrease downtime for service, while the in-monitor adjustable flow and pressure auxiliary hydraulics can be controlled by the auxiliary function lever.

Additional enhancements, which are also featured on the latest P-tier models, are grease points at the arm tip for easy greasing, and better torque retention at the clamp. Redesigned boom-foot bushings increase durability, the company says.

Inside the cab, operators adjust machine settings intuitively on John Deere’s multi-language LCD monitor. While not a touchscreen, the dial navigation is like what Deere currently has on its G-series.

Two seat options are available: a standard mechanical, no-frills seat and a high-back, heated, air-suspension one. 

The 200 G-Tier models come standard with front LED work lights, and there is an option for additional deluxe LED work lights.

Designed to accommodate different operators with the simple flip of a lever, the control pattern-change valve is standard instead of a field-kit option. Also standard on the 200 G-Tier is the pattern-control switch, which is accessible at ground level.

Two factory-installed high-pressure, high-flow auxiliary packages are available for delivering additional hydraulic capability to power attachments. The machines also have ergonomic, short-throw pilot joysticks. According to the company, these provide smooth, precise fingertip control with less movement or effort. 

Deere says the Powerwise Plus hydraulic-management system in the 200 G-Tier combines extra ability with smooth control and pinpoint finesse. Offering precise pump flow, the pilot controls are metered, helping to provide fuel-efficient performance. With the push of a button on the joystick, operators can boost power and toggle on automatic boom-up and lifting functions. 

To further help save fuel, the 200 G-Tier models are equipped with Auto-idle, which automatically reduces engine speed when hydraulics are not in use, and Auto-shutdown.

The optional hydraulic single-pedal propel system moves the machine when and where you need it without having to articulate both hand levers and both foot pedals, for easier operation. 

The 200 G-Tier can be equipped with factory-installed hydraulic plumbing to the end of the arm. When this option is selected, coupler controls are also factory integrated into a switch for changing attachments from the cab.

Quick specs

  • Operating Weight: 45,170 lbs.
  • Engine Power: 145 hp
  • Max Dig Depth: 23 ft. 2 in.
  • Dump Height: 22 ft. 9 in.
  • Max Reach: 32 ft. 1 in.