Deere Rolls Out New Telescopic Compact Wheel Loader

Compact wheel loaders are one of the fastest-growing classes of equipment. Expanding its lineup of Performance Tiering, or PTier loaders, John Deere unveiled the new 326 P-Tier telescopic compact wheel loader. 

Luke Gribble, Deere’s go-to-market manager, says owners and operators will love the 326 P-Tier for its reach, flexibility, and lift capacity. “Operators will enjoy it for the cab visibility, the boom controls, and the exclusive Articulation Plus steering system. Put it all together, and the 326 P-Tier is a real multitool.”

Lift, load, and stack

Starting at the business end, the 326 P-Tier telescopic compact wheel loader offers more than 16 feet of reach from its telescopic lift arm. Long enough to reach some higher spots on a work site while still being compact enough to work in other tight spaces.

Extending and retracting the telescoping arm is performed with the mini joystick located on the main control lever, meaning operators don’t have to remove their hands from the main controls to activate the arm.

To prevent overloading, the Load Torque Indicator system gives visual and audio alarms relating to the stability and movement of the lift arm should capacities be exceeded.

If the stability limit is reached, movement of the lift arm is only possible if the load is reduced. In addition, a separate indicator warns of potential overload of the tilt cylinder.

“Features like this help make the 326 P-Tier one of the most confidence-inspiring and operator-friendly wheel loaders available,” Gribble said. “And it is perfect for helping less-experienced operators become better, faster.”

326 P-Tier telescopic compact wheel loaderThe 326 P-Tier telescopic compact wheel loader features a brisk 23-mph top speed to help move quickly between jobs.John Deere

Built for movement

Cabs of the new loaders were built to be comfortable and easy to navigate with all the features required for smooth lifting and loading operations. 

Highlights include a 9-inch touchscreen display that keeps key information within easy view. The configurable display shows key data, including warnings, status, and machine positioning. John Deere says an intuitive user-friendly menu allows operators to tailor the display and machine functionality to the task at hand.

Also customizable from the display are the electro-hydraulic controls which offer Auto Return-to-Dig, Auto Lift Dig, and lower functions to reduce cycle times.

No matter the application, optional boom-mounted lights and standard overhead windows allow a clear view to the end of the telescoping arm, so operators can confidently place pallets or bucketloads.

To move quickly between jobs, the 326 P-Tier telescopic compact wheel loader is capable of speeds up to 23 miles per hour.

For tighter turns, John Deere offers the Articulation PlusTM steering system that offers a full 30 degrees of articulation plus 10 additional degrees of rear-wheel steering.

“With the power and versatility to tackle such a wide range of jobs, the 326 P-Tier is a go-to piece of equipment for operations of all types and sizes,” Gribble said.