Deere offers new mechanical angle blade for 950K, 1050K dozers

Mechanical angle blade on deere 950K dozer

Mechanical angle blade on 950K

John Deere has developed a new mechanical angle blade for its 950K and 1050K crawler dozers.

The blade can be manually angled side to side for such tasks as backfilling, rough grading and general earthmoving, the company says.

Deere says the blade is the result of demand from contractors in the pipeline industry. The company designed the blade to be stronger, more durable, better at shedding material and to reduce blade plugging.

deere 1050K with new blade on dozer

1050K with new blade

Deere also increased the approach angle on the blades by 29 percent over predecessors. Other advancements include better protection of hydraulic hoses, reduced blade weight and better weight distribution.

The blade can be adjusted in three positions by using pin points on the push beams. The bushed angle pins are hardened.