Day 2 of Construction Gifts: A Tool Backpack Designed for Pros

Dead On Tools Destroyer Tech Pack

If you know someone who has to haul around a lot of tools to, from and between jobs and jobsites, a backpack tool bag might make the perfect gift. We’ve got two options for you to take a look at.

First up is the Destroyer Tech Pack from Dead-On. This pack features 34 pockets and has a 50-pound capacity (though the company recommends for safety purposes you do not exceed 35 pounds).

Along with tools, this pack has a rear tech-compartment with three pockets and can hold up to a 17-inch laptop, tablet and files. The separate designated cellphone holders on the front and side come in handy.

The 19-pocket main tool compartment has a pocket large enough for a drill and smaller pockets for organizing drill bits. A front tool compartment has seven pockets and can hold screwdrivers up to 8 inches long.

Dead-On gave the pack breathable straps with a moisture-wicking lining. Other features include front anchors for clip-on carabiners.

The pack is $140 on Amazon.

Dead On Destroyer backpack laptop back pcket

The Dead On Destroyer has a compartment for your laptop.

If you don’t need space for a laptop and you’re looking for a bit more tool capacity, check out the Veto Pro Pac Tech-MCT Tool bag.

It’s slightly more expensive at $180 on Amazon, but from the looks of it, you get more pockets for tools and a slightly larger hard bottom structure that should provide a bit more stability for the pack when you put it on the ground.

The Veto Pro can hold more tools thanks to more pockets and no laptop sleeve.

Another benefit of the Veto Pro is its large hard bottom structure for more stability.