Dark Paint Colors On Trim, Doors, and Cabinets Is A Trend Worth Watching

There are fun and creative ways an individual can use dark colors for their home decor. When deciding on “what color to paint my trim” consider darker colors and shades. Homeowners who use dark colors can add warmth and comfortability to those who enter their home. Here are some inspiring and exciting ways to decorate a home with darker colors:


Painting Trim Darker Than Walls

Whether a homeowner is looking to bring focus to an area of their home, like a door frame and windows as an example, it’s wise to create a contrast illusion. This could highlight the wanted area creating a more in-depth style in a home. Giving a dark-hued color a try that’s more than a few shades darker can easily create a sense of depth. Using dark trim colors for home decor is one of the most popular color trends of 2020 and for good reason.


Interior House Color Trends

Keep in mind, darker trim doesn’t mean black is the only option. There are various other hues and colors a homeowner can paint their home. Excellent dark color examples include charcoal, deep blue, burgundy, night watch green, and deep pine green just to name a few. Dark styles for kitchens are also growing in popularity. There are benefits when painting cabinets a darker shade. For example, messes don’t show up on darker colors in comparison to lighter color cabinets. Additionally, darker colors can hide annoying knocks and dents. As a result, giving the cabinets a smoother cleaner look.

Dark colors in a kitchen can create an atmosphere of ambiance and are excellent when highlighting the bolder colors. Darker colors also symbolize luxury and wealth. By using a darker hue for the kitchen cabinets, it could make the area appear grounded in its spot. As a result, color zoning the kitchen and separating the rooms by color.

Exterior House Color Trends

Exterior house color trends are different than the interior. Depending on the design and style of the home, there are different options an individual can choose when deciding on what dark colors would be tasteful for their home’s exterior. For example, a darker door is a bold in-depth style. Dark charcoal is a popular choice among home decor since it’s simple yet calming. Dark blue and dark green are other dark color choices that are highly popular. These in-depth dark colors provide the perfect contrast for the rest of the home.


Thinking About Painting Your Home In Dark Colors?

If you’re considering painting your trim, doors or cabinets a dark paint color, be sure to hire a professional painter to do the job right. Poor craftsmanship on this highly visible home features can make your home look cheap or shoddy. JK Paint & Contracting is a highly reputable residential painter located in Sherwood that will make your home look great. Contact JK Paint & Contracting to learn how we can make your home look fantastic!