Danner® Stronghold Work Boots Steal the Show

Danner® Stronghold Work Boots Steal the Show

Sponsored by: Danner

No good building starts with poorly poured footings. In the same vein, no good contractor starts his day without a good pair of boots. Your boots are often the only thing standing between you and hazards like spills and potential shocks from live electricity on the job site. Whether you’re climbing a ladder or framing a wall, Danner Stronghold work boots are made for anything you can throw at them.

Born from logging and exploration, Danner is a Pacific Northwest original. Every boot is handmade to hold up in unforgiving conditions and live up to unyielding standards. The Stronghold workboot is what happens when more than 85 years of legendary quality, durability, and heritage runs into modern construction, technology and materials.

Function and Form All in One Boot

Your old boots may be fine for now, but the time will come when you’ll have to replace them. It’s always a hard call because there’s nothing like a boot that’s been broken in properly. New boots are always stiff, often too tight in all the wrong places and sometimes they just make you want to throw them across the room because the laces won’t cooperate.

These aren’t problems with the new Danner Stronghold boot. You’ll be surprised how much this boot feels like it’s already broken in, and really feels more like a tennis shoe than a boot. The top three pairs of eyelets are actually lace hooks, so you don’t have to struggle to pull these boots on or go through the trouble of unlacing them every time you want to wear them.

But their tennis-shoe like qualities aren’t all that set them apart from the competition. Oh, no – the Danner Strongholds pack a construction-sized wallop into a logging-inspired package, with features like:

Vibram® Stronghold Outsole
Painters, roofers, plumbers and anyone who works in wet or slippery conditions will appreciate the Stronghold Outsole. It’s designed with you in mind. The oil and slip resistant custom material provides traction whether you’re in a wet or dry spot. Safety matters – falls can be very costly to your business.

Vibram® SPE Midsole
This rubberized EVA midsole maintains the same cushioning and lightweight properties as a sneaker, but is more durable and won’t break down as easily. This technology enhances rebound, comfort and support for those long shifts.

Danner® Dry Technology
The patented Danner Dry technology built into the Danner Stronghold work boots keeps you dry and comfortable even in the worst wet environments.

Polyurethane-Coated Leather Panels
Leather boots are the gold standard for the construction industry, but what if they could get better? Danner just did that by adding a protective layer of polyurethane to the highest wear areas on the Stronghold boots. Now, you have all the beastly strength of leather plus all the protection of polyurethane in one place. This boot can take whatever your jobsite can dish out.

90-Degree Heel
How often have you caught your boot heel when climbing up a ladder or on scaffolding? Those little catches here and there are also known as “near falls.” Tumbling off a ladder can have a serious impact on your health and finances. That’s why the Danner Stronghold has that 90-degree heel.

Electrical Hazard Protection
Danner’s Stronghold work boots are certified to meet or exceed ASTM F2892-11 EH performance requirements. For non-electricians, this means you can step on a live wire carrying 18,000 volts at 60 hertz for one minute in dry conditions without current flowing into your body. This is good news for anyone who works around electricity.

Danner’s Reputation for Excellence

Since the 1930s, Danner has been making quality work boots by hand, constantly refining the process and developing new technology for lumber workers, contractors, and hikers. In fact, Danner set the standard for many boot innovations that many boot companies take for granted today, like the mid-weight hiking boot. It was also the first boot company to develop a truly waterproof boot, using GORE-TEX®, back in 1979.

This history of discovery and reliability led to Danner becoming one of the first names in footwear for American troops and law enforcement officers. Like you, these are men and women who cannot afford to stop because their boots are failing or they’ve developed blisters. Danner makes the most comfortable, wearable boots on the market, so your work doesn’t have to suffer while you break them in. Who says new boots mean weeks of foot pain?

If Only Your Crew Was as Reliable as Your Boots

After you pick up your new pair of Danner Stronghold boots and wear them around the house a bit, just to get a sense of how they fit, you’ll understand what it means to have a pair of boots you can really count on. These boots are in it to win it and they aren’t going to leave you limping or lame after a particularly long day working on a concrete floor or crawling through tight spaces. In fact, they may become the most reliable member of your crew.

Wet or dry, hot or cold — it doesn’t matter, your boots are ready to out-perform. Danner used everything it learned in 85 years to create what may be the perfect work boot. Light enough for any member of your crew, but durable enough to protect from all kinds of jobsite hazards.

Their benefits are beyond measure, these are the boots of tomorrow – available today.

Available for both men and women www.danner.com/stronghold

Sponsored by: Danner