Danfoss Debuts Solutions for On- And Off-Highway EV Charging

Two new products in Danfoss Power Solutions’ Editron division that are expected to increase the pace of on- and off-highway industries electrification, were unveiled at the Agritechnica trade fair. 

Danfoss is releasing the ED3 onboard charger with electric power take-off functionality to the open market. Previously only available to Volvo Trucks, the units will enable heavy-duty electric vehicles to be charged overnight using readily available AC power outlets.

The second product Danfoss’ Editron division launched at Agritechnica was the LCL1200/1700 electric filter, which acts as an active front end to convert energy from AC to DC grid or as a grid filter in generator applications. Specifically designed for off-highway applications, the filter is an accompanying component for the EC-C1200 electric converter for 500 volts AC and EC-C1700 for 690 volts AC, released earlier in 2023. 

“Launching these new products means that our Editron division now has one of the market’s largest, most sophisticated electrification product portfolios,” said Kimmo Rauma, vice president of, the Editron division, Danfoss Power Solutions.

He noted that rapid AC charging is necessary to eliminate range anxiety for commercial vehicles undertaking deliveries on variable routes and for machines at construction sites without access to DC charging.

“Our game-changer ED3 onboard charger will provide our customers with AC charging power,” Rauma said, adding the overall new Danfoss product portfolio will provide more electrification benefits to mobile applications.

ED3 onboard charger

The ED3 is a bi-directional onboard charger and electric power supply that offers high charging power and distributes energy to auxiliary functions within a vehicle. 

Initially designed for on-highway applications, the ED3 offers fast, easy access to charging power. 

Using available AC power outlets, the charger facilitates quick deployment while minimizing infrastructure costs.

The product will deliver 43 kilowatts of charging power to the main high-voltage battery and up to 43 kilowatts of AC. 

In addition, it pulls DC power directly from its main high-voltage battery to support up to 44 kW of power. It can also convert power drawn from the battery to AC in a single- or three-phase electrical supply to deliver up to 43.6 kilovolt-amperes. These features mean the ED3 can support any electric power take-off function for most auxiliary functions.

According to Danfoss, the three-in-one functionality of the ED3 eliminates the need for additional components, reducing footprint and weight. The high-power AC and DC electric power take-off offered by the ED3 will also simplify integration​ for OEMs.

Danfoss expects prototypes of the ED3 to be available in 2024, with serial production to follow.

LCL1200 1700 electric filter.Danfoss says the LCL1200/1700 electric filter for off-highway applications, offers easy installation and design flexibility to OEMs.Danfoss

LCL1200/1700 electric filter

The LCL1200/1700 filter acts as an active front end to convert energy from AC to DC grid or as a grid filter in generator applications. It offers easy installation and design flexibility to OEMs. Combined with the EC-C1200 or EC-C1700 converter, the filter will meet market demand for smaller, more sophisticated electric converters and enable easy access to full power grid connection.

Prototypes of the LCL1200/1700 filter are already available, with Danfoss expecting the product’s full release to happen in the first quarter of 2024.