Cut Concrete with No Dust with Aquajet’s New Aqua Cutter 750V Robot

Blast through concrete without stirring up dust with the new Aquajet Aqua Cutter 750V hydrodemolition robot.

The new model features Aquajet’s patented infinity oscillation that moves the water jet in an “infinity” – or figure 8 – pattern to more efficiently remove concrete. Aquajet says a standard wave pattern has natural fluctuations in speed, where the continuous movement of the infinity pattern allows the 750V to remove more material in a single pass.

“Infinity oscillation is the next technological evolution, and it is changing how hydrodemolition contractors think about productivity,” said Roger Simonsson, managing director, Aquajet. “In the coming years, we will see it replacing rotating lances and similar tools to become the new industry standard. With the productivity gains realized during customer testing, the Aqua Cutter 750V is a significant advancement for hydrodemolition.”

The large roller width and a new triangulated base frame offer improved stability for precise hydrodemolition. The infinity power head features spring-tensioned rollers and quick connection to the roller beam, similar to the company’s Ergo System.

Aquajet equipped the 750V with an upgraded version of its Evolution Control System. The system still features Aquajet’s Equal Distance System (EDS) as well as the ability to cut shapes and remove concrete at different depths in the same pass. The new version automatically calculates optimal settings for lance motion to maximize production and prevent miscalculations.

A radio remote control allows the operator to start or stop the robot from a safe distance. The machine will automatically shut down if there is no activity for a certain period of time.  An automatic speed-controlled throttle automatically adapts RPMs to the load, giving the 750V more power while sipping less fuel.

A precision drive system provides highly accurate hydraulic movements, eliminating inconsistencies that can compromise the result. Automatic mode keeps the robot’s lance in the ideal position.

An all-new tracked system eliminates bounces during travel that can compromise components and improves the accuracy of nozzle distance to surface, further improving precision.

Accessories add versatility

The 750V is compatible with Aquajet’s line of accessories, including the rotolance, circular power head and Aqua spine. Three new accessories were launched in July 2023, adding more versatility to the robot.

The Extension Kit increases the 750V’s reach for applications such as bridges, berths, piers and wastewater plants. An elbow and beams allow the unit to be configured in several ways to meet the project’s needs. During a bridge repair, for example, the Extension Kit allows the 750V to work from the bridge deck and reach over the barrier without removing it.

Surface preparation is made easier with the Rotolance, which delivers between 14,500 or 36,300 pounds per square inch of pressure, depending on the model. The 1000 is ideal for cleaning or removing hard paint, rust and rubber coatings, while the 2500 can remove a shallow layer of concrete. This method avoids sandblasting, eliminating dust pollution.

The Hybrid Kit 3.0 converts the diesel-powered 750V to electric when diesel can’t be used due to noise or emission requirements. After snapping the kit on the back of the robot and connecting the hoses, the intelligent system automatically disengages the onboard diesel engine and switches to battery power. A built-in charger can also power the battery while the robot is working.

The 750V is also compatible with Aquajet’s Ecosilence high-pressure pump which supplies the water to run the machine and Aquajet’s EcoClear system that enables contractors to treat water onsite and release it or recirculate it.

The 750V made its North American debut at ConExpo-Con/Agg 2023