Curry Supply Offers Keystone Service Bodies to Fit Contractors’ Sweet Spot

Curry Supply is introducing a new line of service truck bodies: Keystone and Keystone Pro. The Pro version features a crane body, and both models are built using light-weight, high-strength aluminum.

The crane tower on the Keystone Pro can handle up to a 25,000-foot-pound crane, while still providing compartment space for tool and equipment storage. Custom features and upgrades will be available on both Keystone builds, with work-ready stock trucks ready to ship nationwide beginning in the fourth quarter of 2021. Options include tool drawers and bolt bins, e-track, lube equipment, welder/generators, air compressors and multiple crane models.

Keystone bodies feature a 52-inch-wide and 129-inch-deep bed, with tie-down rings and a textured, slip-resistant floor for added safety. Each side features four compartments, three vertical and one horizontal, with at least 20 inches of depth and adjustable shelving. Protected door seals and stainless-steel rotary latches ensure compartments stay secure and watertight.

“Curry Supply’s introduction of the Keystone line of service bodies will fill a void in the mobile service truck market that we have experienced for quite some time,” says Jeff Shaw, company vice president of sales and marketing.

“Service trucks typically fall on the polar ends of both price and durability. You either have a robust, heavy-duty offering with tons of added content, or a light-duty offering that struggles to keep up in severe-duty environments and doesn’t accept application-specific modifications well. To find the middle ground, buyers are typically left to add light-duty options to an over-built body, or “heavier” options to a body that wasn’t designed to handle it.”

The objective at Keystone was to design a product optimized to hold up well in severe-duty environments and accept application-specific modifications at a lower price than most heavy-duty products, says Shaw. This resulted in features such as reinforced side packs with mounting rails to handle heavier accessories, robust doors, hinges, and weatherproofing.

“All of these address the common complaints contractors voice about light-duty service bodies,” says Shaw. “We reduced content by making crane reinforcement optional, and even still, we only engineered the reinforcements to some of the lighter duty electric/hydraulic cranes common to the applications this product was intended.” 

The Keystone and Keystone Pro will be positioned alongside Curry Supply’s current offerings of Stellar, Autocrane, Reading, and Wilcox bodies.