Crush, Mulch, Till with Seppi M’s Upgraded Multiforst Tiller-Mulcher

Seppi M has announced an update of its multipurpose mulching and tilling attachment, the Multiforst.

Ideal for above the surface cleaning and ground preparation, the Multiforst can crush stone up to 10 inches in diameter, mulch wood up to 16 inches in diameter and till soil 12 inches deep. It is available in 79-, 89- or 98-inch working widths.  

Seppi M equipped the rotor with its V-Lock system of new Ultra Mono Protect+ anti-wear fixed tools with additional tungsten carbide inserts on areas most exposed to wear. The reinforced frame is made of high-tensile and wear-resistant steel with replaceable wear plates for strength and durability.

Operators can adjust the working speed based on the application. Seppi M recommends using the fast gear (1,000 rpm) for mulching on the surface and the slow gear (540 rpm) for working the ground. This feature protects the driveline and ensures better performance for the task at hand. The unit has a working speed up to 1.2 miles per hour. The adjustable anvil bar lets operators choose the degree of mulching.

The optional ADAM alignment system keeps the PTO shaft at the proper angle while mulching. This prevents damage to the PTO shaft and supports an ideal adaptation to the conditions of the ground, the company says, resulting in faster working, better results, a longer lifetime of the PTO shaft and higher lifting.

Narrow, in-depth skids come standard. Adjustable support skids are available for on-surface work. A hydraulically operated compacting roller can also be added for depth control and use as a guard frame. 

Seppi M Multiforst Tiller-Mulcher Tractor attachmentSeppi M