Coolest HVAC Simulation Programs

HVAC training simulations  are changing the way technicians master their craft.


The very best way to learn, enhance, and perfect skills is by repeating them over and over. Reading and classroom learning can be useful in some situations, but for hands-on tasks, repetition is the fastest path to mastery. That is certainly true for HVAC technicians. But it can be expensive and impractical to train on actual machinery.


Outfitting a training space with every piece of HVAC equipment, like AC units, gas boilers, chillers, and other components can get expensive, fast.  Not to mention the wear and tear that comes along with non-stop trainee use.   This method of hands-on learning  also limits the number of techs that can train at one time and confines training to one physical location.


Fortunately, technology now allows hands-on training in 3D and virtual reality. It wasn’t long ago that simulation programs, especially ones using virtual reality, were only available to the military, aviation, and medical fields. Thanks to massive reductions in the cost of hardware, there are some fantastic HVAC simulations that are available to HVAC businesses of all sizes.



Imagine This

Imagine inviting your technicians to throw on a  VR headset and instantly become immersed in a virtual world. In front of them is a malfunctioning AC unit, and in their hands, all the devices they need to troubleshoot the problem. The computer tracks their movement, and the tool and unit respond to their input. The program corrects them if they get it wrong. If they don’t get it right the first time, they can repeat the task until they get it perfect.


This is not some million dollar HVAC training simulator. This is on-demand training available any time, anywhere. Even cooler, if you have multiple techs to train, you can create customized learning plans for each. That means while one technician is mastering troubleshooting on a residential AC unit, a different one can be immersed in fixing a common service fault  on a residential gas boiler. These employees could be in the same room, in your office, or at their respective homes, furthering their training on their own time.



More Than Cool

These HVAC simulation programs are not just some fad,  they are far more effective than traditional training models. For those who learned in the classroom and trained on physical units, the idea of using VR HVAC training simulations may not seem adequate. But studies have shown that the immersive training provided with VR training simulations helps students learn faster and retain more information. Visualization is proven as the most effective way to learn hands-on skills.



Better Than the Real Thing

It may be hard to believe for those who learned with physical, hands-on training, but VR training is not only more cost-effective but more effective in general. Traditional learning models, like classroom lectures are not sufficient for technical, hands-on work. The immersive HVAC training provided with VR is proven in study after study to help students retain more. Visualization is one of the most powerful ways for us to remember.


Young or old, placing an HVAC tech visually in a scenario helps them master and remember their training more efficiently. The physical movement of the VR scenarios is also an important advantage over classroom methods. With the ability to physically repeat an HVAC programs for continuing education task until it is perfected, the steps become second nature and minimizes mistakes.


With all the new technicians entering the field of HVAC, this is a great time to look into the latest in training. Younger HVAC technicians grew up with more familiarity of technology like this, and will be excited to see it offered as a way to enhance their skills and gain hands-on experience. Even veteran techs alike will enjoy the opportunity to pick up new skills and sharpen old ones without having to sit in a classroom.


Even better, these online HVAC training will not only help you train your technicians faster and smarter, but they will also be  cheaper than traditional models. You will be amazed at how affordable the very latest training technology can be. These HVAC training simulations are not just a trend. They can provide you with what you need to get your techs trained quickly, so they can work faster, make fewer mistakes, and make your HVAC company more money.


Check out these HVAC simulations for yourself. After witnessing how effective they are, you might just want to get your own VR headset.