Construction Marketing: Safety Vest With Logo

In big cities, the sound of cranes and construction equipment can be heard early in the morning. As each floor rises from one level to the next, workers don their safety gear. From their construction boots to their work gloves, operators are suited and ready to do their daily task.


Now I’m sure when you driven around on your way to work or dropping off the kids at school, you’ve seen the army of men and women in different areas of the country wearing some jackets that kind of takes us back to the eighties. You know, those fluorescent colors we use to sport in our clothes and accessories. Somehow, these same bright colors have found their way back but this time to a generation of industrial workers.

safety vest with logo

With bright neon yellow shirts underneath and custom hard hats protecting them, these workers steadily climb inside bulldozers or move about on the side of the road. Behind the orange construction fence you see men and women building the infrastructure of the future. With workwear steadily in tow, construction companies and related industries have at their disposal another avenues of advertising.  Their brand can no be marketed on safety vest with logo. The safety green and safety orange colors naturally pull the eye of the viewer to the reflective apparel. The area on the back of these vest makes it a perfect area to customize it with a companies logo and slogan. Along with graphic of their work trucks, business cards, and website, these highly visible clothing add another tool (no pun intended) to a building company’s marketing opportunities.