Compact Equipment Boomed in 2020. These Are the Top New Machines of the Year

Compact equipment boomed in 2020, as evidenced by their dominance in sales figures, but also in reader interest and OEM products and initiatives.

Before we delve into specific products, we’d like to take note of three moves that have future implications in the compact market: Cat’s new retail strategy, which involves a significant portion of its compact equipment offering; Bobcat’s Features on Demand on its new R Series compact track loaders and skid steers; and the continuing rise of electric offerings in this segment.

We’ll be delving more into those stories when we unveil our top 2020 stories on Dec. 30th.

Here are the top compact equipment products that generated the most  interest from Equipment World readers in 2020:

Kubota SCL1000 compact utility loader

Compact equipment giant Kubota unveiled its first model in the mini skid steer/compact utility loader segment, the 1,000-pound rated operating capacity SCL1000 at ConExpo 2020.

Kubota says it aimed the 1,000-pound rated operating capacity machine at one of the faster growing size segments in the exploding CUL market.

The SCL1000 has a standard 9.8-inch wide track compared with the more typical 7-inch track, all while still maintaining a 36-inch wide total machine width. The wide track has a 4.0 psi ground pressure, giving the machine a softer footprint on sensitive areas.

The unit also features a keyless start and password protection on its dash.

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Deere 333G CTL with SmartGrade

During its ConExpo unveiling, John Deere said its 333G compact track loader with SmartGrade was the first time a fully integrated grade control technology was available on compact equipment.

Deere’s largest CTL, the 12,100-pound machine features a vertical-lift design, a 100-horsepower engine and 3,700 pounds of rated operating capacity.

The SmartGrade-equipped version of this model gives operators greater accuracy, enabling them to complete grading tasks faster and with fewer passes than machines without the feature, Deere says. Masts and cables are eliminated.

In addition, Deere has also launched DozerMode on this machine, which enables the electro-hydraulic joystick control system to function like a crawler dozer with the push of a button.

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Bobcat R Series CTLs and skid steers

Though the first two models were introduced near the end of 2019, Bobcat’s next generation lineup of skid steers and compact track loaders expanded in a big way in 2020 and garnered a lot of interest. This year Bobcat added is expanding with six new 60 frame size, vertical lift models: the S62, S64 and S66 skid steers and theT62, T64 and T66 compact track loaders.

Bobcat says the new cast-steel loader arm design found on all R-Series loaders is 20-percent stronger than the former fabricated steel design.

The new design of the lift arms changes the placement of the linkage. It’s no longer located below the arms themselves and is instead now on the back of the machine to increase visibility.

The CTL models also use a more stable five-link torsion suspension that has   replaced the roller suspension found on past models. The big differences for operators is that the torsion suspension reduces stress and vibration, making operation more comfortable. Bobcat says.

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Case B Series CTLs, skid steers

Case Construction Equipment’s new B Series compact track loaders and skid steers feature a redesigned operator interface, including new left- and right-hand posts controls that offer simplicity in ignition, throttle control and switches.

Contractors can opt between standard mechanical, mechanical hand-and-foot, and electro-hydraulic controls when specifying a machine.

The electro-hydraulic joysticks have a new layout, switches and controls, providing fingertip joystick triggers. They have a smaller head than previously, making them more comfortable and giving operators a better feel of frequently-used buttons, Case says.

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Avant 635 compact loader

The Avant 365 is tiny, weighing in at just 3,400 pounds.

Compare that to a typical compact wheel loader, the smallest of which usually weigh in somewhere between 9,000 and 10,000 pounds. So just in terms of size alone you’re dealing with a significantly different machine than typical compact wheel loaders.

The 365 a 26-horsepower hydrostatic-drive machine powered by a Kubota diesel engine with 2,500 pounds of lift capacity. Lift height tops out at just over 9 feet and the machine is capable of a top speed of 9 mph.

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Kioti compact, subcompact tractors

Kioti says its latest subcompact and compact utility tractors are designed for operator comfort and ease of use and maintenance.

The new models include the CS2220 and CS2520 subcompact tractors, the CX2510 compact utility tractor and the CK2610SE compact tractor.

The new CX2510 compact utility tractor offers a twin pedal HST and tilt steering wheel providing comfort and accessibility to a multitude of operators, the company says. It also has dual armrests on the seat and an operator-friendly control layout.

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ASV Max Series CTLs

RT-75 Heavy Duty

Most of the improvements you’ll find on ASV’s new Max-Series RT-65 Max, VT-70 High Output Max, RT-75 Max and RT-75 Heavy Duty Max compact track loaders have nothing to do with performance.

Instead, ASV chose to focus its efforts on elevating the operator experience of the compact track loader itself.

A new structure design brings some huge improvements to visibility. On the sides of the machine, ASV has implemented new all-glass side panels that give you 68 percent more visible area than the previous design. The cab also has 4.5 more inches of legroom.

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New Holland 300 Series CTLs, skid steers

New Holland C332 compact track loader

New Holland C332 compact track loader

New Holland’s new 300 Series of skid steers and compact track loaders comes in 11 models with either radial lift or Super Boom vertical lift.

Models range from 60 to 90 gross horsepower, 1,600 to 4,500 rated operating capacity and 18.5 to 35.5 inches of dump reach.

New Holland increased the loaders’ dump height and reach, making it easier to load truck boxes and hoppers with high sides. Operators get a clear view of the bucket at full height due to a see-through area at the top of the cab. An 8-inch multifunction LCD screen displays the reverse camera.

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Yanmar SV40 compact excavator

Yanmar America‘s new SV40 excavator not only features what the company calls an “ultra-tight tail swing” but is the first of the company’s compact equipment line to be offered in the company’s new red color.

The Yanmar SV40 has an 11-foot 10-inch dig depth. 4.7-inch tail swing and is powered by a 39-horsepower Yanmar engine.

It comes standard with the company’s hydraulic quick coupler, its Smartassist remote communication system and a 4-year / 4,000-hour warranty. Options for the SV40 include a second PTO function, 4- or 6-way blade and an additional counterweight. Customers can also choose between rubber or steel tracks.

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Takeuchi TL8R2 compact track loader

The TL8R2 sits right in the middle of Takeuchi’s CTL lineup with two smaller models beneath it, and three larger models above it. And as a middle child, Takeuchi says the TL8R2 is designed with versatility in mind.

The company says this loader can handle a wide variety of applications. While the standard auxiliary hydraulic flow on this machine is 19.1 gallons per minute, a high flow option is available that delivers 33.8 gallons per minute at 3,045 psi.

And if you opt for the high flow configuration, Takeuchi throws in a new Creep Mode. Creep mode is activated by pulling and holding the trigger on the left hand joystick until a green Snail icon appears on the monitor. Once activated, in terms of being able to precisely dial that speed in, creep mode allows you to select a speed from .09 mph to 3.11 mph in a range comprised of 20 speed increments.

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