Celebrating 35th year, ASV prepares to unveil new machine at GIE in Oct.

ASV RT-120

ASV is commemorating 35 years in the business. At a recent open house at ASV’s Grand Rapids, Minnesota facility, the public got a look at a special anniversary-branded RT-120 Forestry Posi-Track CTL.

Skid-steer and compact track loader manufacturer ASV says it will unveil a new machine at the 2018 GIE+EXP in Louisville, Kentucky, to be held October 17-19.

The manufacturer will hold live demonstrations of the new machine outside at booth 7838D. Attendees can also visit ASV at booth 29108 inside the convention center.

The rollout comes as ASV celebrates 35 years of product development and growth. The manufacturer began commemorating its anniversary year in August with an open house at its Grand Rapids, Minnesota facility.

More than 1,000 people attended the public open house – twice the turnout anticipated. The event included the special anniversary-branded RT-120 Forestry Posi-Track compact track loader, shown above, as well as factory tours and an opportunity to learn about ASV’s history.

During that event, CEO Andrew Rooke expressed pride for the employees who make ASV’s success possible and who have driven more than three decades of innovation.

“The anniversary is a testament to everyone involved with ASV, from those who created the first Posi-Track loader to those who are still involved with this unique product,” Rooke had said.  “It is a remarkable achievement for a relatively small company from Grand Rapids, Minnesota to create such a legacy. The future is bright for our customers and stakeholders.”

A pioneer in the compact track loader market, ASV has been an innovator since its start in 1983.

ASV RT-120 Forestry

Two forerunners in the early snowmobile industry started the business, developing a pick-up-sized rubber-tracked vehicle called the track truck as ASV’s first product, meant for traveling over adverse ground conditions such as snow.

“However, it didn’t take long for the manufacturer to switch gears, using its experience to develop the first Posi-Track rubber tracked compact track loader in 1990,” a press release says. “Starting with a closed design, ASV evolved its CTLs to include today’s open-rail and drive-sprocket undercarriage, which provides exceptional traction on soft, wet, slippery, rough or hilly terrain,” the company says.

ASV grew in size over the years, as well as in reputation for unique, quality machines with track-driven patented undercarriage technology. The manufacturer went public in 2017 with the name it uses today, ASV Holdings, Inc.

The company designs and manufactures a full line of compact track and skid-steer loaders primarily for the construction, landscaping and forestry markets.

Longtime employees say the passion for the equipment has remained strong through the 35 years. Employee Cary Safe has been with the company since day one.

“It was such an exciting time because we were doing something that hadn’t been done before,” Safe says. “We were building machines we would want to operate, something we still do today.”

Safe has worked in a number of roles for ASV over the years, from assembly to sales to his current role in research and development. It’s been remarkable, he says, to watch the business grow and expand over the years.

“Part of our success comes from how passionate everyone at ASV is about the equipment,” he says. “Even on weekends or holidays. it’s not uncommon to receive a text message from a coworker saying, ‘I have this great idea for a product or feature, We truly believe our machines are the best possible tools for our customers to do their work quickly and comfortably.”