Catch Up On Compact Excavators with Our 2021 Compact Equipment Guide

Discover why now may be the right time to buy a compact excavator — plus gain expert tips on how to keep your present machines jobsite ready — by downloading the new 2021 Equipment World Compact Equipment Guide. 

Experts tell us that today’s machines are more capable than previous models in the same size class. For example, today’s 6- to 8-ton models can do work that would have required 12- or even 14-ton machines not long ago.

summer 2021 compact equipment guideOur experts also advise contractors to spec an excavator with 25% more dig depth than what you think you’ll need. This will increase the other key specs to provide enough machine to allow room for your business to grow.

[Click here to download the 2021 Equipment World Compact Equipment Guide.]

This valuable information is paired with information on specific compact excavator models, including:

  • The 47.6-horsepower Kubota KX057-5, which has a dig depth of 12 feet 9 inches and offers a color 7-inch LCD as standard. And with the introduction of the U48-5, the company now has a reduced tailswing and conventional model in every size category from 2 to 6 tons.
  • Discover the newer European-style units, such as the 75-horsepower Mecalac 6MCR skid-excavator,  which has a three-piece arm, featuring a two-piece boom plus stick. The units can use both excavator and loader attachments, and the company recently partnered with Rototilt to provide an integrated tiltrotator. 
  • Learn about Volvo Construction Equipment‘s new lithium-ion-battery powered ECR25, which can do a full day’s work on a single charge. 

To get all of the details, download the guide here.