Cat ups capability, protection on 918M loader with four new options

Cat 918M compact wheel loader

Though the machine isn’t seeing any spec bumps or design changes, Caterpillar’s 918M is getting some capability boosts through the introduction of four new options that are now available on this compact wheel loader.

Fusion Coupler

First up is the Fusion Coupler. This Cat-designed system uses a constant pressure wedging mechanism that creates a“tight, rattle-fee fit” by pulling the work tool tight to the coupler in two directions, in and down, Cat says.

With the addition of the Fusion Coupler, Cat now offers three couplers on the 918M.

New 20.5R25 tires

Offering up to 20 percent more tire life along with increases in traction, stability and tipping capacity, Cat will also begin offering these new sets of 20.5R25 tires as an available option:

  • Goodyear E/L-2A Sure Grip Loader: A general application 12-ply-rated bias tire with directional and self-cleaning tread.
  • Michelin Xsnoplus: Designed for operation of snow and ice, this tire incorporates a non-directional tread pattern with self-cleaning.
  • Michelin XHA2: A radial wide-lug tire with non-directional tread, heavy shoulders and protected sidewalls for heavy-duty applications.

When equipped with 20.5R25 tires, the 918M’s width over tires is about 91 inches, Cat says. These tires must be used with the Fusion Coupler or the High-Lift Loader Linkage to ensure work tools rest level on the ground. An oscillation limiter on the 918M eliminates tire-to-fender interference.

High-lift Linkage

Providing up to 10 percent more lift height and reach compared with the standard loader linkage, the high-lift loader linkage can handle applications in waste and recycling, agriculture and construction.

With this optional linkage, a Cat 918M on 20.5R25 tires will have a bucket pin height of 13 feet, 5 inches.


Finally, Cat will begin offering guarding options to provide protection for vulnerable areas of the 918M. These options can be used with the currently available steel-front fender deflectors.

  • Headlight guards surround the front light assemblies and protect from debris falling from the bucket
  • Hitch guards protect the 918M’s articulation point by providing barriers on both sides of the hitch to prevent material from collecting in the frames, while allowing ready access to service points
  • Powertrain guard mounts beneath the transmission and related components; provides an access panel to facilitate oil changes
  • Drive shaft guard mounts beneath the front driveshaft for protection from debris and obstacles
  • Crankcase guard mounts beneath the engine to protect the oil pan