Cat unveils new D3 Series lineup of skid steers, CTLs that handle Smart Attachments

Caterpillar’s new D3 Series of skid steers and compact track loaders are designed for handling the company’s new line of Smart Attachments, which the carrier machines automatically recognize and adjust machine controls to.

Cat says the new Smart Attachments are an industry first, and with advanced machine technology, the news skids and CTLs tailor controls and operator information to match the attachment and the task.

Cat also bundled other technology on the new machines to aid operators. The technology includes Return-to-Dig for setting the bucket angle; Work Tool Positioner for repetitive tasks, such as grading, digging and loading; and dual-direction self-leveling, which automatically levels the loader linkage when raising and lowering lift arms, for increased stability and reduced spillage.

The new D3 lineup consists of eight skid steers ranging in operating weights from 5,849 to 9,573 pounds and gross horsepower of 67.1 to 110. There are nine CTLs in the series, including a new model designed for land management. The CTLs come in operating weights of 7,434 to 12,764 pounds and the same horsepower range as the D3 skid steers.

Increased comfort, performance

Cat 289D3

The new D3 Series machines’ enclosed cabs come with wider doors for easier entry and exit. The company also added space and comfort for operators by increasing the distance between the joystick pods by 3 inches.

Cat made changes to the undercarriage frames and torsion axles to reduce pitching and rocking when handling heavy loads, grading and loading trucks. Cat also said it boosted the machines’ digging performance.

Two of the larger CTLs in the new lineup, the 279D3 and 289D3, got a 20 percent increase in ground speed, to 8.4 mph, over their D-Series predecessors. Cat also added a standard two-speed transmission to the lineup, including for the smallest new CTLs, the 239D3 and 249D3. The two loaders also get a 9 percent boost in travel speed over predecessors.

Land Management CTL

The D3 Series includes Cat’s new 299D3 EX Land Management CTL for heavy-duty mulching, brush-cutting and mowing. It runs on a 110-gross-horsepower turbocharged Cat C3.8. The high-flow, high-pressure auxiliary hydraulic system delivers 40 gallons per minute.

The CTL’s fuel tank is 80 percent larger than the tank on the standard 299D3 EX, providing 58 gallons for 11- to 12-hour continuous operation.

Cat included features on the CTL to keep dust and debris out of the cab and other areas. The one-piece cab is pressurized and sealed, and various seals, covers and other parts are designed to protect the engine components and lower frame.

A turbine-type precleaner ejects dust, dirt and debris from engine-intake airflow before it reaches the filter, Cat says. Factory-equipped components provide impact and debris protection for the front and rear LED work lights, work-tool coupler area and harness connections, and auxiliary hydraulic quick-disconnect fittings, according to the company. A reversing fan clears intake screens of debris so the engine stays cooler in hot weather. The cooling system’s hydraulically driven fan operates only when required to save fuel, the company says.

Cat also gave the CTL’s engine compartment large removable panels for easies access for routine cleaning.

Cat 262D3

Skid steer specs

Model             Gross HP      Operating wt.       ROC at 50%

226D3              67.1                   5,849 lbs.                     1,550 lbs.

232D3              67.1                   6,515                             1,900

236D3              74.3                   6,567                            1,800

242D3              74.3                   7,138                            2,200

246D3              74.3                   7,478                            2,200

262D3              74.3                   8,296                           2,700

272D3               98                     9,133                            3,450

272D3 XE        110                    9,573                           3,700

Cat 249D3

CTL and MTL specs

Model             Gross HP       Operating wt.         ROC at 50%

239D3               67.1                   7,434 lbs.                    2,185 lbs.

249D3               67.1                   7,831                            2,485

257D3               74.3                   8,094                          2,570

259D3               74.3                   8,987                           2,870

273D3               74.3                  10,095                         3,170

289D3              74.3                   10,688                        4,130

299D3                 98                   11,464                         4,970

299D3 XE          110                  11,756                         5,085

299D3 XE LM  110                  12,764                         6,200