Cat intros host of updates to M-Series medium wheel loaders


Caterpillar’s Medium Wheel Loader lineup, which includes the range of machines from the 950M to the 982M, has received several new updates that lower operating costs, improve operator comfort and expand the available number of model configurations.

Let’s talk about those new configurations first.

With this 2019 refresh Cat is introducing the 982M Forestry Machine and 982M High Lift. The 982M Forestry Machine can lift 28,000 pounds with a pin-on mill yard grapple and has a larger tilt cylinder, upgraded rear frame and a heavier counterweight. Cat says third party logging grapples and woodchip buckets are available.


The 982M High Lift has higher dump clearance under the bucket pin, from 15 feet, 6 inches found on the standard configuration, to 16 feet, 10 inches on the new configuration. The High Lift has a new lift arm, new lift cylinder, new tilt tank and is equipped with the same counterweight found on the 982M Aggregate Handler.

Next up is the Advansys ground-engaging-tool system found on these new loaders. Cat says this tip system, with new tip shapes designed to place wear-resistant material in the most vulnerable areas, results in less drag and higher productivity. Cat continues, “A stronger adapter nose results in up to 50 percent less stress, and improved adapter-nose geometry reduces sliding wear on adapter surfaces. The improved tip shapes shadow the adapter straps and welds for longer adapter life. New 980M/982M buckets are released with weld on adapters; 950M – 982M bolt-on adapters are interchangeable with the former J and K Series.”

Inside the cab of these new machines, operators will find new seats and suspensions as part of three trim levels: comfort, deluxe and premium plus.

Cat is calling the new seat suspension on these machines a “breakthrough” with increased dampening at the top and bottom of seat travel. The new cabs also features ride stiffness adjustments, which allows operators to tailor seat dampening to their personal preference, on EH steering and HMU steering models with the deluxe and premium plus seats.


The new models are compliant with Tier 4 Final emissions regulations in the U.S. and Stage V regulations in the EU, and save on maintenance costs with extended engine oil, engine oil filter and hydraulic oil filter change intervals of 1,000 hours. Previous models had change intervals of 500 hours.

Cat says those changes can save customers between 16 and 23 percent on maintenance costs.

Plus, Cat notes that several fuel and engine oil filters “are being converted from spin-on to cartridge-type. Benefits of cartridge-type filters include fewer parts to replace at servicing (housing is retained), easier disposal of used elements, and less costly replacement parts.”


Another maintenance improvement is the addition of remote flash support, allowing a Cat dealer to send software update files to a machine wirelessly. This allows customers to update their machine software without leaving the yard or jobsite. Cat says a software update typically occurs in 30 minutes from initiation to completion.

Further updates to the Medium Wheel Loader lineup include:

  • New universal coupler for 966M-972M models. Cat says the coupler “eliminates interference with multiple tools” and increases breakout force by 4 percent thanks to a reduced offset.
  • New LED and Halogen work and roading light packages.
  • Handrail high visibility films for enhanced awareness of handrail locations.