Cat Debuts its New Largest Material Handler – the MH3050

Equipped with an advanced electrohydraulic system, Cat’s new and largest material handler, the MH3050, balances power, efficiency and control, allowing operators to improve cycle times and process more material.

The MH3050’s Tier 4 Final Cat C9.3B engine puts out 346 horsepower and can operate on B20 biodiesel. Its exhaust aftertreatment system requires no maintenance or downtime, the company says. Power requirements can be dialed in for the task at hand – choosing from Power, Smart or Economy modes – to reduce fuel consumption. Operators can program and store their preferred power mode and joystick settings using their operator ID.

 A wide undercarriage provides stability, while the boom and stick configurations offer up to 59 feet 3 inches of reach, enabling operators to move more material without repositioning the machine. Swing torque has been increased to move materials quickly, while SmartBoom lets the boom travel up and down without using any pump flow, so operators can focus on stick and grapple work for smoother operation.

The MH3050 is compatible with a range of attachments including an optional 25 kW generator for magnet operation. Generator controls are fully integrated into the cab monitor.

Decked with Tech

Cat’s E-fence system comes standard and prevents the machine from moving outside parameters set by the operator, while Cab Avoidance stops any potential contact between the attachment and the cab.

Cat Payload provides on-the-go weighing and real-time estimates of loads picked up by the grapple or clamshell to improve efficiency.

A pin code prevents unauthorized operation of the machine and push-button starting.

Operator Safety

Large tempered glass windows with small pillars on the re-engineered cab design protect the operator and enhance all-around visibility.

Standard right-side and rearview cameras display video feed on the large in-cab touchscreen monitor to further enhance work area visibility. An optional 360-degree visibility system is also available.

The windshields and roof windows are made from thick, laminated, high-impact and impact-resistant materials that meet EN356, P8B and P5A standards. The 1,800-lumen LED lights on the chassis, boom and stick light up even the darkest work areas, enhancing safety.

Cab air pre-filtration, with an upgradeable Advanced Cabin Filtration system, reduces dust entry and air contamination, Cat says.

A ground-level shutoff switch stops all fuel to the engine and shuts down the machine. Boom and stick lowering check valves prevent reverse oil flow, keeping the front linkage securely in place should the hydraulic system unexpectedly lose pressure, the company says. The standard hydraulic lockout lever isolates all hydraulic and travel functions in the lowered position.

Cat MH3050 Cab InteriorCaterpillarPremium Cab

The MH3050 comes equipped with a premium cab featuring joystick steering or an optional steering wheel, more legroom and a wide heated and ventilated seat.

All controls are easy to reach, and a 10-inch high-resolution touchscreen monitor with jog-dial provides navigation of the controls.

The hydraulic cab riser featuring a new dampening system improves all-around visibility and provides cushion from external vibrations.

Maintenance Made Easy

Operators can track the MH3050’s filter life and maintenance intervals on the in-cab monitor. The new hydraulic oil filter provides improved filtration performance and increases change intervals to 3,000 hours – 50 percent longer than previous filter designs. New anti-drain valves keep oil clean when the filter is replaced. All fuel filter changes have been synchronized to 1,000 hours. 

Standard autolube automatically keeps the machine greased from the swing bearing and cab riser to the stick end, Cat says. 

Standard Product Link captures operating data such as location, hours, fuel usage, productivity, idle time, maintenance alerts and fault codes, which can be remotely accessed and tracked to boost fleet management efficiency.

 Quick Specs

  • Engine: Cat C9.3B
  • Horsepower: 346 hp
  • Minimum Operating Weight: 105,800 pounds
  • Maximum Operating Weight: 110,250 pounds
  • Maximum Reach: 59’ 3”
  • Maximum Height: 62’ 5”