Cat Changes Model Names on its Soil Compactors

Following suit with its other product lines, Caterpillar is simplifying the nomenclature for select models in its vibratory soil compactor range.

The company began ditching the model series descriptor letter suffix in 2017, stating at the time that it was “running out of letters of the alphabet.” In addition, Cat recently introduced annual updates to its products, so customers do not have to wait multiple years to get their hands on new software and features.

Moving forward, all models within the soil compactor line will feature weight-based names derived from the metric tonnage class in which the model competes. The new model names also correlate with the GC models in the compaction product family, Cat says.

Cat offers smooth and padfoot vibratory soil compactor designs in widths ranging from 50 to 84 inches. The rollers deliver high compaction performance, speed and gradeability to increase productivity on a range of soil types and applications, the company says.

The Cat CS10 GC, CS11 GC and CP11 GC Vibratory Soil Compactors will keep their current model designation.

The updated vibratory soil compactor models include the following: