Case updates entire compact vibratory roller line with 7 new E Series models

Case DV26E double drum roller

Case’s DV26E double-drum roller

The new E Series compact vibratory rollers from Case Construction Equipment are designed to be easy to transport and to work around tight quarters, curbs, structures and other obstacles, the company says.

Unveiled at ConExpo 2020, the seven models in the E Series replace the company’s previous compact vibratory line. They are designed for small to mid-sized jobs, such as driveways, walking paths, commercial developments and around existing structures. They have high curb clearance and no overhangs.

The compactors are available in a double-drum configuration or as a combination of a front drum and rear pneumatic tires. Drum widths range from 39 to 54 inches, depending on the model.

Upgrades to the new E Series include redesigned operator controls for easier, more comfortable operation. An electric travel lever places functions at the operator’s fingertips, including settings for rpm, drive, the sprinkler system controls and parking brake.

Case DV26E compactor

Case DV26E compactor

The operator platform is designed to reduce vibration and operator fatigue. The seat slides to the sides to enable operators to see the right and left drum edges.

Operators can choose from three modes: loading, working and transport. And there are two drive settings. “Soft drive” is for a smooth ride, and “hard drive” is for making quick turns similar to machines with a mechanical lever, Case says.

Operators can choose vibration frequencies to match the application. The compactors also offer automatic or manual vibration. Case says this helps prevent damage to the asphalt during starts and stops.  The offset tapered drums reduce asphalt tearing when operating around curves, Case says.

The sprinkler system shuts off automatically when the compactor is in neutral. The pressurized water system comes with a tank that is large enough to go all day without refilling. Case says the system also delivers consistent spray to the drums.

The compactors can be equipped with Case’s intelligent compaction system, called ACE Force, to prevent over- and under-compaction. All service points are grouped on one side of the roller for easier maintenance.

The models in the E Series are as follows:

  • DV23E Double Drum Roller – 33.5 horsepower; 4,920 pounds
  • DV23CE Combination Roller – 33.5 horsepower; 4,600 pounds
  • DV26E Double Drum Roller – 33.5 horsepower; 5,440 pounds
  • DV26CE Combination Roller – 33.5 horsepower; 5,180 pounds
  • DV36E Double Drum Roller – 43.9 horsepower; 8,290 pounds
  • DV45E Double Drum Roller – 43.9 horsepower; 10,340 pounds
  • DV45CE Combination Roller – 43.9 horsepower; 9,520 pounds